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    Broken Transferring from After Effects to Premier Pro



      First time poster; VERY new with the Adobe Suite of tools and have really been learning through playing around and watching Youtube tutorials. 


      I'm creating a video on Premier using a bunch of chopped AVI captured PS3 footage.  I went into After Effects to make an intro and a few little 2 second add-in clips.  I can't remember the settings for the clips, but the bottom line was that when I render the AVI footage and then pull the clips into my Premier work, it either gives me a red bar across the timeline or it shows the clip garbled and messed up, usually locking up my computer shortly after.  The intro clip I did seems to work fine and there have been no issues, it's just those two damn two second clips that have brought me to a standstill.


      I'm sure this is no big deal and is an easy formatting issue, but again, I'm just making this up as I go a lot of the time.  Thanks for all your help!