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    Transition Problems


      I cannot get any of the dissolve transitions to work, It seems like no transition was applied at all. I think this has something to do with cutting up a clip without transitions applied originally into shorter segments and tryin to apply transitions to it. Any ideas how i can fix this?

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          Usually, when one has issues with Dissolves, it's due to a lack of Handles. This will give you a bit of background on Handles:



          From this basic info, if it does seem that Handles could be part of your issue, then I strongly suggest that you read the full Help file section on Handles. This will give you a visual idea of what they are, and how they affect most Transitions, especially Dissolves:


          If you can give us much more detail on your source footage, i.e. you Clips, and exactly what you have done, and exactly what happens when you attempt to apply the Transitions, someone can verify that you have a problem with a lack of Handles.


          Good luck,