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    RemoteObject: typed objects not converting between java and AS3

    ceteris Level 1

      I'm using AS3 in an AS3 project (no flex) to create an instance of RemoteObject and use it to talk to the server


      most things are working but not the best thing: having your java objects magically converted to their AS3 counterparts by use of the RemoteClass[...] annotation in your AS3 counterpart.


      so, I put the same AS3 code into a script tag in a flex app (just the code, no mx components) and everything works


      but, I put the same AS3 code into an AS3 project, everything works but typed java class to AS3 class conversion


      any thoughts? can I just create a component out of the thing that works, and use that in my AS3 project?


      I do have makeObjectsBindable set to true


      the error I get is this:


      Cannot convert type flex.messaging.io.amf.ASObject with remote type specified as 'null' to an instance of class ...


      any help appreciated