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    having problem displaying remote shared objects on flash


      I am using red5 flash server and at that side creating a shared object called chatSharedObject
      For the client side,I am using openlaszlo platform, but using actionscript 3  classes for the shared object implementation. cilent application is connecting to the shared object on the red5 side successfully(as I see on the red5 logs).


      here is the calling code snippet:


      <button id="sendButton">send
            <handler name="onclick" method="sendClicked" />
            <method name="sendClicked" args="v=0">
              if (message.text != "") {
          //Debug.write("Message sent!");
          message.setAttribute("text_y", 0);


      <method name="writeSharedObject" args="message">
      [B]//shared object send method is being called[/B]
      <!--this method writes the messages to the debug window which will be shown to all users-->
      <method name="writeMessage" args="username, msg">
          messageArea.addText(username+ " : "+msg+"\n");


      When I generate the flash object and try to use this application, nothing is being displayed although there is no problem on this issue on the development enviroment. Problem causes when I try to run the swf10 flash object.


      Is this maybe a flash security issue? Although I have added the corresponding locations as the trusted location on the flash settings manager. Still problem goes on. And I think this is not about the flash player, it might be a special problem about the flash object.


      Couldn't find the solution for a week,

      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance