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    Cant capture HDV




      I have premiere pro cs4 on a macbook pro intel core 2 duo with 4gb ram.


      I have several hdv tapes & a sony hvr m15e connected to the mac book via the firewire/ilink cable


      I can play and rewind the tape but I dont get any visual & I am unable to press the 'record' button to actually capture the tape.


      I have the display output set to 'all' on the tape deck & the input select to 'hdv/dv'


      In premeier my project is set up as hdv1080i25 (50i) which is what I recorded in.


      Premiere does seem to know the tape deck is there. But I also constantly get 'can't activate recorder, try resetting camera' error -  but turning it on and off doesnt make a difference. If I press play on the tape deck or 'tape' in premiere, premiere then recognises its existence but still wont let me record. Pressing 'tape' in premiere just plays the tape. There are no clips appearing in my project.


      Any ideas anyone? Your help is much appriciated.