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    Importing subtitles from speech recognition

    Chris Peirse

      Hi I have been using CS4 and have used the speech translation tool from an mpeg file . Is there any way of importing the speech transcript into subtitles and keeping the timings for the speech. I know i can import the text into encore but i need a version that can be put online that includes subtitles.


      Is there any other way other than putting the text into titles?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          True Subtitles can be used in Encore, during the authoring phase. There are many programs that can convert text to proper Subtitles. I would post to the Encore Forum, for recommendations on these, plus comments on how to implement what you have the best possible way. Several Encore users use Subtitles often, and know the ins-n-outs. They can direct you to the proper programs, and to the things to watch out for.


          Good luck,