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    page flicker on pages with SWF content




      In Dreamweaver CS4, inserting a SWF puts it inside an <object> tag and then there are some helping files. But I have read that for best performance one should also put an <embed> tag inside the object tag. The need for this seems increased when I realize that all my pages with SWFs flicker upon pageload and when googling I see that the solution is to add the "transparent wmode" parameter to my embed tag.


      But I can't do that since I have no embed tag.


      The SWF inserted is ActionScript2.


      1) Is there a setting in DW that I have missed that would create this embed tag as well?

      2) If not, what is Dreamweaver's solution to the flicker problem?


      (As a side note, when I publish from Flash CS4 and create a HTML together with the SWF, there is neither object nor embed tag created in the HTML, only a huge amount of javascript which I guess does the inserting dynamically. But that leaves me without clues as to how to deal with the flicker in the Flash-generated page as well.)


      Thanks a lot,