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    flex datagrid itemrenderer image click (event)  to display panel problem.

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      Hi friends..


                      I am using flex  datagrid itemrendeer component to diplasy image.  click a image visible to display panel.

      code below...

      <mx:DataGridColumn width="22" resizable="false"  >
                                                    <fx:Component>     <mx:HBox >

                                                                      public function Emailclick():void

                                                                          var doc_id:int=  data.document_id;
                                                                          pnl_Email.visible= true;

                                                              <mx:Image source="@Embed(source='assets/Emailbox.gif')" click="Emailclick()"   buttonMode="true" />
                                                         </mx:HBox>   </fx:Component>    </mx:itemRenderer>



      panel outside:


      <mx:Panel id="pnl_Email" width="549" height="287" x="308" y="300" >
              <mx:HBox width="425">
                  <mx:Label x="46" y="36"  id="lblEmail" text="Email Address :" fontFamily="Times New Roman" fontSize="15" color="#181010"/>
                  <mx:TextInput id="txt_Email" fontFamily="Times New Roman" fontSize="15" width="299"/>


        <mx:HBox width="529">
                    <mx:Button paddingBottom="5" label="Send File"  id="btn_Email" />


      Error ll be display undefined property of pnl_Email...


      How to solve this problem...

      Any One Help Me........



      With Regards.,