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    Preview - A new window every time?


      Is there a way to set the preview up so that it will reuse the browser window/page when doing a preview?



      When I work on a page I like to preview often. Especially since most of my coding is for PHP page/apps. The problem is that every time I use the Dreamweaver preview it opens a new browser window. This is a real pain. It would be more useful for Dreamweaver to use the reuse the page and browser window instead of adding to the clutter by opening another browser window to an already crowded desktop.



      I know that this may not be feasible for some developers, so I would suggest a switch in the preview preferences where we can turn on / off the ability to reuse a preview page.



      Yes, I know I could simply press refresh on the browser, but I'm thinking of a more efficient way of working. I open my previews using a keyboard shortcut in Dreamweaver. This is a lot better than leaving Dreamweaver, selecting a browser window and clicking on refresh. I like things to be as few clicks/presses as possible.



      It would even be nice to tell the preview to use the same browser, but just add a tab instead of opening another window.



      If there is already a way do any of this, please let me know.


      PS: I'm using a Mac with CS4

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          370H55V Level 4

          I agree it can be a pain having a new window open every time you hit Alt>F12, especially if you don't close the previous browser window and then have to decide which was the latest edit. I do that to myself once in a while.


          Having said that, I don't know of any way other than "F5" to do this without opening a new window in the browser. Even in Firefox with it set to open new pages in tabs, it opens a new window instead. I believe this is because the preview function works a lot like double clicking an HTML file from a folder. The OS selects the designated default browser, and opens a new window for the file. The Dreamweaver command does the same thing. I can live with it though.


          "This is a lot better  than leaving Dreamweaver, selecting a browser window and clicking on  refresh. I like things to be as few clicks/presses as possible."


          It never ceases to amaze me anymore these days how many people don't have a single second to spare in their entire day for an additional click or keystroke. It scares me to think what classic art would be if Michelangelo or DaVinci decided that their works should be done in fifteen minutes or they weren't worth the effort, or if the Wright brothers had only spent a single afternoon on the airplane and then gave up because it was taking too long. You're designing a website. It's a creation from your mind. In some ways that is the same as invention or art. If that's too much work, perhaps you should just hire someone to do it for you.


          "I'll step down from my soapbox now."

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            CyJobes Level 1

            CowboyInAZ, thanks for the response.


            You must be a website designer of sorts. I say this because of the comment "You're designing a website. It's a creation from your mind."


            I speak from a developer point of view. I code and work in code mode. The things I do can not work well in design mode or Live mode. They have to be in a browser, and from a server.


            Also, as a developer I am called upon to make quick fixes or to drum up some script(s) on a short notice. So while I am creating my script "masterpiece" I need effeciency on my side.


            My job is to make things work. When the graphics department finishes their design, I take it and put life to it. A lot of times it comes to me late and without warning. All I am asking is that the makers of Dreamweaver put switches into place that can allow us coders to work easily and without all the clutter. We have enough on our minds that we don't need to worry about which browser window has our most current edits.


            Right now I hit F5 after an initial use of "Preview", but I should be able to hit the shortcut from within Dreamweaver, let it bring the browser to the front, and for it to also refresh it so I can see the changes. But right now I would be happy if it just called the browser up so I can keep my hand off the mouse and use just the keyboard. I can hit F5 like I do now.


            Not dissing you, Cowboy. Only making clear where my point of view comes from.