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    [svn:sb-sherlock] 14621: * Fixed some JUnit test failures caused by revision 14005.

    Paul Reilly Level 1

      Revision: 14621

      Revision: 14621

      Author:   preilly@adobe.com

      Date:     2010-03-08 07:26:00 -0800 (Mon, 08 Mar 2010)

      Log Message:


      • Fixed some JUnit test failures caused by revision 14005.


      QE notes:

      Doc notes:

      Bugs: SHERLOCK-6

      Reviewer: Tom H.

      Tests run: checkintests, JUnit tests

      Is noteworthy for integration: no

      Code-level description of changes:




          Added back close() to handle closing the ZipFile at the end of a

          compilation.  Otherwise too many file handles are left open by the

          global swc cache.




          Modified fileList to be lazily initialized.  This makes

          SwcDirectoryArchive consistent with SwcLazyReadArchive.


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      Modified Paths:


          flex/sdk/sandbox/sherlock/modules/compiler/src/java/flex2/compiler/swc/SwcDirectoryArchiv e.java

          flex/sdk/sandbox/sherlock/modules/compiler/src/java/flex2/compiler/swc/SwcLazyReadArchive .java