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    Task completed without user opening form

    The Flex Viking Level 1
      1. I have disallowed all methods of completing a task without opening the form as far as I can tell.
      2. The form itself won't let the user complete unless specific information is provided.


      Yet, in my logs, the task was completed without the information being present.  The user says they never claimed the task from the queue, but AdminUI says otherwise.  The user claims they never submitted the task, and I believe her since I know her procedure, and the log does not show that she executed those steps.


      What makes it even more odd is that this task was completed 30 seconds after she had approved (and supposedly complete) a previous task in another process instance.  Not sure she could or would switch tasks that quickly.


      Almost seems as though the backend got confused.  Anyone have any suggestions on how I can narrow the problem down or provide feedback to Adobe about a possible bug?