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    How to keep video clips separate in sceneline?


      I have just started using Premiere Elements 7 which came bundled with my new laptop with Windows 7 64-bit. I have successfully put video clips into the Organizer. I want to move several clips into sceneline, and add transition effects between them. These are AVCHD movies that are stored on my hard drive (.mts files). I drag the first clip into the first box in Sceneline, then a new box opens to the right. I drag a second clip to it, and it just appends to the back of teh first clip in the first box. It doesn't matter how many clips I try to add, I end up with them all appended together in the first box. I can't edit them, can't add transition effects, can't delete just one clip. I have also tried this with MPEG movies I have previously taken and stored on my hard drive.


      I have read the help files, and bought two books on Premiere Elements, and this is not acting like anything I see in the instructions. Is there a setting I should be looking for to allow the video clips to show up individually in boxes so that I can move them around, insert clips, delete clips, etc?