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    Physics Xtra Setup?


      I am new to using the new physics xtra in Dir 11.5. I have not found any useful examples  on how to use this Xtra. Is there example code  to show how to setup the physics world. How to create a rigidbody on an 3d model created in 3DS Max? Where and how to put code to specify what is to collide with what? I am building a small game and it would be great to use the new xtra but the documentation I have found for this seems too general in explanantion for me to implement it. I am not trying yet to do anything fancy, just collision detection. If you have used this xtra successfully maybe you could give me a point in the right direction to implement it. Thanks in advance.



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          bobnagel Level 1

          Thanks , I looked at those pages and am still having some problems. I have initialized the xtra in a frame behavior on my clone frame inside the beginsprite handler. This frame is where I do all the model manipulation. adding models etc as well as create the rigidbodies for the objects that I need to interact in the scene. The xtra is initialized. The rigidbodies are created, yet I see no effect at all when running the loop and my dynamic rb is driven into the static wall where the simulate() resides. Is there something else that needs to be done besides, initializing the xtra, create the rigidbodies and run simulate at the loop. It seems not to work at all. I'm a little confused here as to what to do next.


          Thanks in advance.