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    Extending ToggleButtonBar

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      I'd like to create a 'ToggleButtonGrid' so I thought extending the ToggleButtonBar class would be the way to go.  So I checked out the ToggleButtonBar code in the sdk and saw that really I need to create a new class rather than extend the current ToggleButtonBar because ToggleButtonBar extends NavBar which extends ButtonBar which extends "Box".... that's what I need to change.  I need ButtonBar to extend Grid, at least I think that is what I need.  So, because ToggleButtonBar extends NavBar which eventually extends Box, I can't extend ToggleButtonBar without extending NavBar, and then I'm back to extending Box.


      So, my question is what do I do here.  Do I create a new ToggleButtonGrid file and put it in the sdk and have then extend a new class called NavGrid, which extends a new class called ButtonGrid..... If so, I don't know how to get the compiler to pick up the new files in the sdk.  Do I need to do something to get it to recognize that the sdk now has these new Classes?




      Can I somehow override what ToggleButtonBar extends and extend ToggleButtonBar?


      I'm stuck.