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    Preloader Help

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      Please can someone help me and tell me how to create a simple preloader that shows a progress bar and percentage being downloaded? I have tried 3-4 different tutorials and they aren't working.


      I have designed an online magazine that is about 6mb once converted to a swf file. It consists of a lot of different movies, etc. When I have attempted to do the previous preloaders I have added them to the first frame and maybe 2nd frame aswell on some cases, and then the actual animation is on the 2nd or third frame respectively.


      When I test the movie i.e. simulate download, all I get is a blank screen until the actual magazine has loaded. It just isn't showing up at all.


      Please help and thank you for your time in advance.


      P.S. I am somewhat of a beginner to intermediate on flash so be kind. Cheers.

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          RossRitchey Level 4

          Typically you want to put some space between the preloader and the content, if you are doing them all in one file.  5-10 frames usually does it. This is because the player likes to load so many frames before it displays anything, causing the bulk of your content to need to be loaded before the preloader displays.  Adding some buffer space should help with this, as there are then just a bunch of empty frames to load before the SWF displays.


          Furthermore - check all the Linkage settings for Library items (especailly components, and anything you are altering with script) and make sure the "Export in first frame" checkbox is NOT checked.  This box causes that item to be loaded in the first frame before anything displays, and thus bloats up the size of what needs to load before the preloader displays.



          Though, I typically find it easier to create a separate file for the preloader.  I drop a Loader component on the stage, full-screen, and load the big movie into it, watching the load progress for the preload.

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            Bozzer1515 Level 1

            Hi there, thank you for the reply, I did what you suggested and the preloader still doesn't show when I view it. I added some frames inbetween the preloader and the main animation. I also looked at the linkage, there were some that were linked to the first frame but they need to be there because when de-linked them the movie didn't work.


            How would I setup the third option you suggested?



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              I figured out how to place in a component, I took the "loader' comp and placed it in it's own file on frame 1, and then placed in a "prog bar" over it and centered it. I then added this code to an actions layer:




              I named the "loader" myLoader in the instance box and named the "prog bar" myBar.


              When I test the movie it works but when I upload it to the server and try it it doesn;t work. The file that it is trying to open is in the same folder on the server, so I am not sure why its not opening.


              Thanks again in advance.