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    Reporting quiz scores




      I am newer to the Connect Pro training piece, and am having a hard time getting a quiz posted that will show us how well participants do. I have attempted to publish as SCORM 1.2 and 2004 and AICC with no luck. When I use the test utility at SCORM.com, I get a complete report of time taken, scoring, etc. However, Connect Pro does not seem to pick that up. Is anybody successfully publishing quizzes to Connect Pro from a third party app? In my case, I am using ViewletBuilder Enterprise. Thank you.

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          DHMerritt Level 1

          I cannot actually answer your question but maybe give some input.


          We use presenter and presenter works 100% when it comes to reporting. I mean we can see questions that have be answered, what slide the learner is on, etc..etc.


          Now the reason why I opted to reply to your question is because of the SCORM and AICCpart. It is weird how if different venders add SCORM/AICC compliant that one thinks "aaaa.. this is easy it is going to work." The truth is that I have never seen SCORM/AICC work yet. I have helped out different people, I have tried getting AC (Adobe Connect) to connect to Oracle (because it is SCORM compliant) and it ends up being nothing but a headache.


          I personally think it would be easier purchasing Presenter else it could lead to many long nights without sleep.


          Like I said it may not answer your question but there might be something in it that may help you.