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    "CUT" Size of clip in CS4

    rico1931 Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I wanted to know if there was a way to cut out some of what was recorded in my clip. I have the clip and its fine but I want to cut out some stuff that was captured to the right of what I want focused on. I was wondering if there was a way, like in photoshop to just cut out the size of the clip that I want shown.. Any help files would be great appreciated thanks!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Look at CROP.

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            rico1931 Level 1

            Thanks Harm,


            I just found it right when you posted! It's under Video Effects > Transform if anyone else is looking for it

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Not sure if you are talking about removing some of the area in the Frame, or Cutting the Duration, to remove some of the Frames.


              For the former, one can use Harm's advice, Effect>Crop. Also, the Effect>Garbage Matte will work for certain things too. Another choice would be to use the fixed Effect>Motion>Scale to increase the size of the Video's Frame to larger than the Frame Size of the Sequence, but use this carefully, as quality will suffer.


              Now, if you want to alter the Duration (remove Frames), there are many ways to do this. One is to just set the In and Out-Points of your Clip. This can be done in the Source Monitor, or by Click-dragging on the Head and Tail of your Clip to "eliminate" the undesirable Frames. Note: this does not affect your actual footage, but just the instance of it in the Timeline.


              Hope that something helps and good luck,




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