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    Verity Index problem

      Hi folks. I am trying to populate a verity collection from a query but having no luck as best I can tell from the searchs that come back null. So I created a collection, and can see it's there using <cfcollection action="list"> And then I setup my query as I need using:

      <cfquery datasource="#DS#" name="getAbs">
      select * from Abstracts

      and then define a new query with the key field (tmpkey) defined to the path & file name I need:

      <cfset qryTmp = querynew("tmpkey,filename,title,author,year,affiliation")>
      <cfoutput query="getAbs">
      <cfset tmp = queryaddrow(qryTmp)>
      <cfset tmp = querysetcell(qryTmp,"tmpkey","e:\web\sctweb\abstracts\" & #year# & "\" & #filename#)>
      <cfset tmp = querysetcell(qryTmp,"filename",filename)>
      <cfset tmp = querysetcell(qryTmp,"title",title)>
      <cfset tmp = querysetcell(qryTmp,"author",author)>
      <cfset tmp = querysetcell(qryTmp,"affiliation",affiliation)>

      If I CFDUMP TMPQRY everything looks great, all the fields just as I want them. The I use CFINDEX to index my query like so:

      <cfindex collection="sctabstracts"

      But after that, I can't seem to return any results when I search. Ideas?