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    printDataGrid and HeaderWordWrap not working


      Hi there,


      I am working with Flex 3 with a project that requires printing of one or two datagrids.

      I am pretty new to printing with Flex.


      My problem is that my main printDataGrid is not responding to the headerWordWrap setting. In fact, it isn't responding to the plain wordWrap setting on the column. Oddly though, I have another printDataGrid in my printview which works just fine. The difference between the two is that the one which isn't working is the one that splits across multiple pages, whereas, the second one which is working is a component and wrapped in a Vbox. since it is small, I just push it to it's own page after the main printDataGrid has finished displaying and splitting neatly across the pages.


      Another, semi-related issue is that I have a datagrid with columns set to wordWrap, but which are editable. Once edited with lots of text, the text is not wrapping in the column.


      As the code is fairly complex and split across different files, I will just copy a column from the printDataGrid:

      <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Main Party Details (where, reason for visit)" headerWordWrap="true" wordWrap="true" dataField="details" width="100"/>


      I have searched high and low and don't seem to be able to find others having the same problem, but I am hopefull that someone may know of some obvious place I might be going wrong.


      Thanks and regards,