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    [JS] Date Variable in File Path




      I have simple script that is placing files on to the page.




      var myDate = new Date();

      var myDay=myDate.getDate();

      var myMonth=myDate.getMonth() + 1;

      var myYear=myDate.getFullYear();

      var myTotal = myDay + "/" + myMonth + "/" + myYear;




      var myDoc = app.activeDocument;

      var afile = File("/Files/max/Desktop/'myTotal'_name.txt") >>>>Could please someone suggest how I can use variable myTotal - as prefix for the name of the file ? I need to open files with actual date

      var bfile = File("/Files/max/Desktop/b.txt")

      var cfile = File("/Files/Max/Desktop/c.txt")

      if (!afile.exists || !bfile.exists || !cfile.exists)


      alert ("Text file missing...")










      Thank you

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          The argument to File(...) is a simple text string, and simple text strings are concatenated using the + operator:


          a = "b";

          b = "c";

          c = a+b; -> c = "bc";


          You are complicating things by mixing both single and double quotes. Javascript accepts either, but the same ones must be used for both opening and closing a string.


          Instead of








          By the way, as you can see in your own File(..) line, the forward slash is defined as a path separator. It's possible you have a folder structure "Files", containing "max", containing "Desktop", but since you add 'myTotal' to the mix -- which also contains forward slashes -- you have to ensure all path elements in that exist as well.


          (As it seems you were not intending that, I'd suggest using other date separators than forward -- or backward! -- slashes.)

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            TestOCM Level 1

            Thank You that was easy....

            I will take your suggestions ...


            I did change slashes to underscore in date...