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    Flash CS4 - Can I change the colors of the background or text that shows up in the Layers section?


      I am stuggling here!  I am colorblind.  I need to change either the color of the background or the color of the text on the layers section on the Timeline.  I simply cannot read/see what is currently showing.  It is a very light blue background with white text and white dots for seeing, locking, or setting the outline color.  I need to either change the text color and dots to black so I can see them, or try to change the background color to a dark blue so I can read the white text.  Changing the text color would really be my preference.  How do I do this?   Please help.  Adobe hasn't been very concerned about colorblindness when developing these products.  I can barely make out all the light grey/grey/dark grey/grey stuff.  Now this!