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    Development with FaceBook Service and Adobe Air 1.5 / 2.0 "FaceBook Client Applicator"

    Jens Eckervogt

           Hello guys,

      I want to need helps for you because i want to develop faster...


      I know about examples for facebook and as3 bridge... http://www.adobe.com/devnet/facebook/articles/build_your_first_facebook_app_05.html

      I have found 3 or more airs from adobe.com but i do not thin imageuploader, facebookhelloworld. about easy application only example and testting applicatiopn. I want to know about advancad application like this facebook messenger or full completed application with image, video, group, applicationloader and more for mounting application. If i log in an air application than in i see like thsi main canvas by application = news. left side for navigation menus, right side for adress book or contact list and top header side for tab view like News, Groups, Applications and Photos and more ... for examples..


      And any examples for air application with facebook:

      Easy connect with way for facebook! If you have made sure for your currect computer than apllication will to save your orginal account as autologin. If i build a nice login window via facebook or externed window (like example for Figure 20. Log in to Facebook so your application can use your Facebook profile.from Url: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/facebook/articles/build_your_first_facebook_air_app/fig20.jpg ) ?


      Did you believe sure because Externed window with facebook login?

      How do i block whiile i have emities than i can use with facebook library with function block / ban?


      If i build example air application for facebook... advanced uploader for image, video, files and pdf viewers...


      Online, Offline, Bussy and avaid?

      Did you know? If your firend is not online, than message will to convert to mail sending..


      If you want to love your favorite color? How do i know currect color? While my homepage should to read currect color with currect user via database?

      Thank you.- Is it posible with any function and such php scripts for non-supportted functions like pdf-viewers, files and favorite color and any feartures...


      Please accept with m,e for teamworks! If you want to work together!


      Best regards, SnakeMedia