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    What pixel width and height for stills in video PAL for HD ready TV ?

    envirographics Level 1

      I have created 1152 x 768 pixel sized still images for a HD ready TV data CD slide show.

      They play via a data CD with a DVD recorder/player's ability to play jpg cd's to the HD Ready screen and are ok. No black borders anywhere or parts of image cropped.
      Client very happy.

      Client who has the HD Ready TV now requires a video slideshow with music of them.

      I expected to see a choice of 1152h 768v 25fps HD ready  as New Project in Premiere Pro CS3 and 1920h 1080v HD should I wish to ever make a HD video.

      However, instead there is :-

      HDV 1080p25  which is 1440h   1080v  HD Anamorphic 1080 (1.3333)
      HDV 720p25    which is 1280h  720v (1.000) square pixels

      H wise both are higher resolution than my 1152px h images


      I think I am looking in the right area for HD ready by looking at HDV, the settings above that being traditional 4:3 ratio and standard PAL TV, having used such before.

      If I :-
      resample my HD Ready image to 1440h then vert becomes 960px, thats 120px short of the 1080,
      resample it to 1280h and vert becomes 853.3'  thats 133.3' more than the 720v

      I am at a loss as to know what to choose. Either way it seems my image will not be the right proportions despite being the right proportions for the HD ready TV.


      Q1) Armed with an image the size in pixels of the native resolution of a HD Ready TV, why are the two HD options offered by premiere pro CS3 a different proportional shape and sizes I dont recognise from HD and HD ready TV native resolutions ?

      Q2) Importantly what pixel width and height should I resample my images to ?
      Q3) They were created as just PC type images in Photoshop. Does aspect ratio need altering and how do I do this ?