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    is it worth it?

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      I just watched the catalyst demos and I'm tryin gto figure out whether I should invest the time and effort to learn catalyst.  I'm a designer but I've done a little basic development myself - the 2nd demo seemed a bit vague.


      Catlyst project -->**magic happens** --> finished application!


      Are there any flash developers out there that have recieved catlyst projects?  Does it help?  IS the code a good start or do you end up recoding most of it?


      The application I have in mind is relatively complex,

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          the beta version, i've been told is limited to 20 states... i'm not sure if thats a problem for a coder. but for a photoshop / dreamweaver only guy its a bit of a problem being that I have a 30+ photo gallery to create.

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            I think that eventually it will be worth learning. Right now its not really powerful enough IMO. Its too limited and Adobe hasn’t updated it since last year. The Beta 2 is seeming quite stale right about now and no one at Adobe is giving any hints that anything is happening on the other end.


            I hope it will keep progressing, but for now I'd say that it is probably worth playing with just don't try to build anything serious in it. Actually, there isn't that much to learn in Beta 2 - its pretty rudimentary.

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              I encountered this problem early on. There is a way to overcome the issue depending on what you need.

              Bear in mind it is beta so there are going to be limitations. What I did was to create an icon button in one "state", import an image then make it a generic component. I then edited that component, state 1 being 100 visible, state 2 being 0 opacity. I made the default state invisible in the Properties panel. Back to the main State and set the button interaction to show/hide. I am presuming if you want to move your images along vertically, horizontally, big or small, you can use the Generic Component to do that in a similar way.