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    context root

    bldrbldr Level 1
      I've changed the context root of my application from /flex to /phr

      I set the new value in both flex-config.xml and as the Flex Builder project/properties/flex compiler/additional arguments to -context-root "phr"

      I recompiled my flex client project, but the compiler did not create my html/swf files and there were no warnings or errors.

      Any idea where I went wrong?

      -services "c:\phm\svn\phm-server\server\deploy\phm.ear\phr.war\WEB-INF\flex\services-config.xml" -context-root "phr" -locale en_US

      If I remove -context-root "phr" everything compiles, but it's using the wrong context root.
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          bldrbldr Level 1
          I found it. Although some of the documentation indicates that the context root should be set in the additional arguments for the flex compiler, this is not correct, even though typing the -context-root argument into this text box gives every indication that everything is fine.

          Do not use -context-root "xyz" in Flex Builder. Set it only in the project/properties/flex server/context root text box