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    Ecommerce store




      I'd like to built an ecommerce store.  And I was wondering what program is the easiest to use to built a sotre.  I looked at oscommerce but I do not have any experience with php.  Can someone let me know please.



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          Lawrence_Cramer Level 4

          I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit biased on this one, but I'd recommend Cartweaver.


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          available in ASP, PHP and CF

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you want to write the code yourself, PayPal has lots of examples on using their code in your site... I built a simple site for my wife using PayPal http://www.direct2usales.com


            If you want "drag and drop" programming, look at http://www.justhost.com/

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              Oh, Oscommerce, I wanna to say sth about it.

              it has a developed version whose name is Zen-cart.

              I know most all of the English online store in China are builded by Zen-cart, I give some example:

              www.everbuying.com (blue style)

              www.lightinthebox.com (Dark Red style)

              www.mrdigitalcn.com (Orginal bule style)

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                Choosing the right ecommerce platform is important. You want to make sure the system has nice features and more important SEO feature such as clean url strings with .html extensions etc. When you choose an ecommerce provider there are 2 big benefit over an open source solution. The first is they will likely provide PCI compliant hosting (which you must have). Second, a quality ecommerce development shop with provide expert consultation on design, conversion and SEO rankings. You will need all of these thing working together to succeed.


                I recommend Mountain Media as an ecommerce provider.


                For example you need to have a mature product detail page to help your customer make the right choice.You also need to layout a ton of information in a compelling format while instilling confidence. Here is a list of items to consider:


                • A quality image treatment that supports multiple images, images sizes, views, color option etc. The layout of the image treatment needs to look semetrical and professional.
                • You need to have your shipping offer next to the buy button. This give an incentive right at the biggest friction point, the buy  button.
                • You need to have "Questions call 555-1212" near the buy button.
                • All decision making i.e. size, color options, add to basket, must be above the fold.
                • Have a lock icon on the buy button.
                • Include all of your social media share button in a clean attractive format
                • Include related products
                • tab content

                If all of these things are in place and your site is optimized for search engines you will have a chance at success. It help to have experience ecommerce developers to help you succeed.


                For an example of a mature product detail page click on Monster Jacket.


                If your are interested in learning more download this free eCommerce Guide. It is awesome!

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                  If you want a full ecommerce solution that does not require complex programming/integration time and works with Dreamweaver, check out Site Store Pro.




                  Some Features Includes:


                  Works With Any Website Design
                  Built-In Inventory Management and Discounts
                  Realtime Shipping Rates and Downloadable Products Support
                  Free Installation On Your Hosting Account and Integration Into Your Site Design

                  We have 3 different versions of the cart, including a Developer version which allows unlimited installs.

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                    MurraySummers Level 8

                    No MySQL/PHP?  That kills it for me....

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                      ssprosd Level 1

                      the Site Store Pro Php/MySQL version will actually be available to the public on May 1st at http://www.sitestorepro.com


                      Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to request features in the new release version(s) or monitor the release timeline.





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                        I think the zencart system is very easy to use for everybody.There many online store are all use zencart system.


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                          matthew stuart Level 2

                          Webassist have a prebuilt store which you can 'install' straight on to your host server, and it will start working straight away. All requirements for payment gateway details, administration access so on is done during the installation process.


                          It's not a bad little store and it is owned entirely by you rather than the host whose software you used to create the online store... by that I mean I have a possible client who came to me over a year ago to get a store built. He wanted it done cost effectively, so I thought I'd use the webassist store if he went ahead. He didn't!


                          A year down the line and he is tied in because it is too difficult and inconvenient to move the store. The webpages of the site are not his to own as they are part of a service providers templates (his content, their framework), so as a result, he is finding it very difficult to get decent search rankings because his site is unable to be verified by google. The service provider will not allow him to add the verification info to the code.


                          At least with the likes of webassist or even charon, you own the pages and are able to take the whole site with you if you fall out with your current provider!


                          Have a look at their demo and other info:






                          Especially look at the installation wizard as it takes a hell of a lot of pain out of getting up and running

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                            I think that magento is very good,and it is free. This is an example site: http://www.market86.com

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                              We are using 3dcart program.It runs good.24hours online tech support.And it can change the website style very easy.Here is the example: http://www.globalprojectors.com

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                                yes,zen-cart and magento are the best choice.many guys use them bulid the online shop website like http://www.chylighting.com

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                                  mhollis55 Level 4

                                  I have rolled my own.


                                  It is a lot of work to do the initial php validation as well as tracking what people are buying and so on, but mine is done using Ajax and php. And it's mine—some online system decides to change stuff, go out of business, "tighten security" or make a change that affects you and your online store simply goes down.


                                  If you don't roll your own, the kind of system that WebAssist sells is a second best. Again, since you own the code for your website, you are the master of your own store.


                                  I have one client who is using PayPal and is happy with it. But she is happy because she doesn't want to process credit cards as a merchant. I have four other clients who are all too happy to process credit cards.



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                                    Lawrence_Cramer Level 4

                                    While rolling your own is an great exercise in honing and using your development skills, it is a LOT of work not to mention what your time is worth, because to do it right you are talking HOURS and a lot of them.  then there's the other concerns - shipping calculation, sales tax, payment gateway integration, database development, and security, this one should be in all caps because there are legal consequences involved.  In short, a good quality pre-developed solution, be it open source or commercial, makes for a better starting place.


                                    May I recommend that you take my training course at Lynda.com - this is a comprehensive 4 hour class on all things e-commerce for Dreamweaver users.  If you don't have a Lynda.com membership, no problem here is a link to their page for setting up a 7 day free trial. You can sign up, take a couple courses, then cancel if you like and it cost you nothing.


                                    This course will no doubt answer a lot of your questions and give you a good understanding of what is involved in developing an e-commerce web site.


                                    Hope this helps


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                                      mhollis55 Level 4

                                      Lawrence is correct. Rolling your own is really complicated and it's hard. And a LOT of work.


                                      But here is the advantage: The code is mine, all mine!


                                      Purchased solutions should also be like that—which is precisely why I recommended WebAssist. Going with a third-party shopping cart has caused many problems for companies looking to sell stuff. Everything is going along swimmingly until the third party changes something. And everything breaks, then. Pardon me for being a control freak, but I don't like needing to fix someone else's problem.



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                                        Lawrence_Cramer Level 4

                                        Just to clear things up. Cartweaver 4 is also a stand alone application - you buy it once and you have full access to the source code to modify in any way you like if you wish and you can develop as many sites for youself or your end user clients as you like. The only restriction is, like WebAssist and many others, understandably, that you can't resell the app to other developers.


                                        Not trying to overly self promote here. It just sounded like you thought Cartweaver may be a closed third party system which is not the case.


                                        Lawrence Cramer - *Adobe Community Professional*
                                        PHP & ColdFusion Shopping Cart for Adobe Dreamweaver

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                                          mhollis55 Level 4

                                          Here is how I define a third-party shopping cart system:


                                          It's hosted by and controlled by someone else.


                                          WebAssist is a purchased solution that you control.


                                          Of course, one needs to purchase a security certificate if one wishes to use one's website as a means of purchase and that tends to cost around $100 yearly for that certificate. That's a conversation one would need to have with one's hosting company and some hosting companies charge more for SSL-ready hosts (without the Security Certificate, which is extra).


                                          Lastly, with respect to Security Certificates, I would recommend that you very carefully edit the Whois information for any domain, to indicate the company that is selling goods off it. I had a Certificate that went down this last week because my edits to the Whois information (which were proper) caused a delay. This is due to increased scrutiny of SSL certificates these days, caused by Iranian malfeasance. I discussed that here.

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                                            Choosing the right ecommerce platform is important, I wanna to say sth about it. it has a developed version whose name is Zen-cart.

                                            I know most all of the English online store in China are builded by Zen-cart, I give some example:

                                            [link removed by moderator]

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                                              lostintn Level 1

                                              Great! Another spammer bringing up a long-dead thread just to get a backlink.

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                                                mhollis55 Level 4

                                                Frankly, I would never use any solution that needs to be secure that is sold by anyone in China, for fear that the Chinese Military would hack into it and steal data.


                                                So, for lyxin12 and all others looking to get that "very useful" back link, your country's current actions are not exactly recommending what your software people are hoping to sell.

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                                                  I want also to say sth about it.

                                                  Our online Shop ist builded by Zen-cart, I give an example:

                                                  www.fernkontrolle.com (blue style, online shop for remote control)

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                                                    I think you can use PHP wordpress CMS!Hoping to help you!

                                                    www.srt-ledlight.com(led lamp)