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    Noise in Gallery photos on web


      I am new to Dreamweaver.


      I used Photoshop CS4 to make a web gallery, got it into Dreamweaver and onto my website.


      However...   there is grain (or artifacts) showing up on some of the photographs on my website. There is no grain showing in the Photoshop jpgs. The jpgs are around 31 MB in size. There are maybe 40 images in each gallery. Five galleries on my website.




      Thank you!!!!!

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          31 MB???!!!!!  I sure hope not.  If you use images that big on your website, your pages will take a fortnight to load.


          Save for Web as optimized JPEG, no more than about 50K for full size images; around 10K for thumbnails.

          Or if Transparency is required, save file as PNG and get the PNG Out or Super PNG plug-in for Photoshop to reduce filesize.




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            cherylmbrown Level 1

            I am downsizing EVERYTHING!


            Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

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              Nancy is dead-on correct - you should also size your images to the exact pixel dimensions you intend to use them at on your web page - resizing them on an html page is not only affecting your download time, but will also cause the viewing problems you are experiencing becasue it's trying to compensate for the extra pixels in the image that you reduced...


              Hope that helps - good luck!


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                John Blaustein Level 4



                Could you post a link?  That's always helpful.


                If you are using Photoshop to create the web gallery, you don't have to worry about sizing your images or Save For Web, etc.  Photoshop will do all of that for you when it builds the web gallery.  You do need to crop the images as necessary, but don't downsize anything -- just leave your original RAW, JPG or TIFF files at their original size and PS will do the rest.


                I assume that in PS you are using File > Automate > Web Photo Gallery and setting all of the various parameters... yes?  In the Web Photo Gallery dialog, Options > Large Images > Output, what setting are you using for JPEG Quality?  Try Maximum (10) and see if that helps how your images look.