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    Whats enough for Canon HV 40?


      Hello,I have Pro CS4 and wondering if My Dell Inspiron 530 Intel Core 2 Duo@2.83/4Gb Ram ,32Bit system is enought to edit  HD from a Mini Dv Canon HV 40...I most likely would export in H 264 if possible. I have a lot of Mii DV media already so that wpould be my preferred format...Thanks so much for any help,Rory

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          My guess is that for HDV that you might barely get by.  It appear to be at the very low end of my PPBM4 Results.  It depends on how well your system is tuned.  Expect very long H.264 encoding times.  You might check with Dell to find out the best CPU upgrade that your system would support and consider that as an upgrade.I could not quickly tell exactly what CPU you have I assumed it might be an E7400.  Theoretically you should be able to upgrade to a quad core processor, but then that is questionable since it is a Dell product.  Also you mention a 32-bit system but you do not say what OS.  Test your system with my Premiere Pro CS4 Benchmark PPBM4. and see how it rates to your peers.

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            redrodeo Level 1

            Thank you so much for your help....will download and see,Rory