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    DW CS4, Windows 7 & FLV

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      Q: Why does a simple index.html page containing an inserted .flv movie, created in Dreamweaver CS4, work perfectly in any browser in Windows XP, but when tested in Windows 7 browsers, show only a bunch of icons where the movie should be be...and what can be done to fix this?

      I have a problem that is basically an extension of a problem reported by others previously...i.e. how to get an .flv inseted in a page in Dreamweaver to display properly when the page is then tested locally on the computer. What I am seeing when I test the embedded file in either IE8 or the latest version of Firefox is simply a display of the skin icons and not the movie. However the movie plays fine in an FLV player and in any browser in Windows XP. I am concluding that something in Windows 7 has affected playback of an flv file added to a page in Dreamweaver CS4.

      Previous advice has included things like 'upload the page to your web site and it should be fine' or instead of the "&amp" appearing in your code change it to "&" etc., BUT based on my testing none of that should in fact be necessary, and it suggests that the page should test fine on my W7 computer if it's fine in XP. My goal is to try and determine why it's not happening in Windows 7, and what can be changed so it will display/run on my own computer. Since Windows 7 was in Beta for a year and has been out now for 6 months, I expect others have encountered the same problem, but a Search of the forum didn't turn up any information. Does anyone know if Adobe is aware of this or has a fix? There seem to be no updates for DW CS4...at least none that I can find.
      I have included the simple code for the page, but as I said above this code works fine in XP. DWCS4 in W7 generates the same code as it does in XP.
      If anyone can offer any information or assistance, it would be most appreciated. Thanks..............frank



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          Actually, it's not the code that's being generated, it's part of your new security settings on your computer. When you try to test the page in your browser, It should notify you with a pop-up of some kind that indicates you have to change your Global settings manager in order to preview. Click on the link within that and it will open a webpage on Adobe that enables you to change your global settings form right on this page. Once you update to "allow", restart your browser, and test the page again, and it should work...


          It has something to do with running a script from your computer - if you don't get the pop-up I mentioned, try this link:

          http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager04.htm l


          The wizard tool on the page has a few tabs at the top of it, so you nmay need to scroll through until you find the correct setting - or you may need to read through the notes below it for better instructions than I've given...


          Hope that helps,


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            playz123 Level 1

            Well, duh.....I'd completely forgotten about updating trusted locations in Flash Player security (via the link you provided) and had not done so since I switched to Windows 7. No pop-up message ever appeared in either browser to prompt me either. Anyway, adding the folder containing the files was all that was necessary, and now everything works as it should. Many thanks, Jesse, for the prompt response and for pointing me in the right direction. Cheers.............frank