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    20 Page/State Limitation

    dragotron75 Level 1

      i've been creating a site with FC which I need to put a gallery into. However my gallery consists of about 32 images and I wasn't aware of the 20 page/state limitation until someone told me in another thread.


      Maybe someone could tell me the best work around for this.


      What I was thinking is this:


      My Gallery has 8 pages of 4 images so it is actually 8 sub-galleries under the main gallery. So I was thinking of simply creating a small flash gallery for each of the 8 sub galleries and then when you click a link on the left side, the new gallery pops up and you switch between images in there. I imagine this would bring from just over 32 page/states to just over 8 pages/states? Would this work or is there a problem i'm not considering with this?