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    Importing .avi

    nemci7v Level 1

      I'm trying the trial for Adobe Premier Pro. I imported two avi videos and the footage doesn't play, just the sound... I have all my codecs installed, the videos were tested and they're fine.. why doesn't a common extension like .avi play in this leading program?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Unfortunately, "AVI" tells us absolutely nothing. Almost anything could be in that "wrapper." Take a look at this ARTICLE for more background, plus steps to "peek" inside the wrapper.


          Chances are good that you have MJPEG, DivX or maybe Xvid. These can be problematic. The MJPEG is easier to fix, and the recommended G-Spot will tell you.


          Before we start guessing, please share the full G-Spot details of those files. That will tell us where and how to direct you.


          Good luck,



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            nemci7v Level 1

            Thanks for the reply! Eventually I'll convert it to the right format but I'm surprised that I have to go through  all that trouble for a simple .avi which I think is a very native extentsion. Avi has been around forever... Will every video editing program have this problem or is it just Adobe Premier? I'm pretty new to this so sorry if I'm not making sense.

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              shooternz Level 6

              You are having to go through that because the type of avi you have is not "native".


              Its a delivery avi as compared to an editing avi.  Bills Article link would have explained it for you.


              Use a "proper" avi (or mov) and a host of other media...and you will have no issues in PPRO.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                The "AVI" file extension could have an Excel spreadsheet, a Word DOC, or an AV file. Until we know what is inside, we cannot really comment. Yes, AVI is common, but what is inside can be very uncommon, hence my question and the comment on using G-Spot to tell you.what is contained.


                Now, if you were dealing with DV-AVI Type II files with 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV Audio, then you would have no issues at all. They would edit like "butta." Instead, you have something else. Until we find out what that "something" is, we can only guess. I chose the most like two: MJPEG and DivX for my guess. "I'll take DivX for $300, Alex." Still, could be anything.


                This ARTICLE will give you some background on CODEC's, the "building blocks" of AV files. Couple this with the above article, and you will have a good background. One can never know 100% about CODEC's, as many change monthly, or at least quarterly, as camera mfgrs. tweak them for better performance. Also, there are tons, that most of us have long since forgotten, until some poor poster comes up with one of those - Cinepak by Radius, or the old Indeo CODEC's are examples.


                Saying that you have an "AVI" is like saying that you have an automobile. If you're having an issue with it, I cannot possibly help, until I know that it's an MB S-500 AMG, and then I can likely help you. If it's a Yugo, then someone else will need to step in. However, until we know what sort of car it is, we're at a total loss - hybrid, F1, antique XKE? Do you see where I am going with this? G-Spot will tell you what kind of car you have, the model, the year and what sort of fuel it requires - but for your AVI AV files.


                Good luck,



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  Will every video editing program have this problem or is it just Adobe Premier?


                  That is 100% dependent on what is inside that AVI "wrapper." Some NLE's do work better with some CODEC's. I keep CyberLink's PowerDirector around, as it does work better with DivX, as an example. PrPro will not work well with that CODEC. I have two choices: convert in a conversion program and Import the resultant file into PrPro for editing, or maybe edit in PowerDirector (or Import into PowerDirector and Export in a form that PrPro can use). Personally, I cannot imagine doing the editing in PowerDirector, but use is as a conversion program for certain file types.


                  Any NLE is but a tool in the workflow. I have several NLE's, but do all of my real editing in PrPro, though I might invoke another in some step in the workflow. There is nothing wrong with doing so. I also have a well-respected conversion program, that does great batch conversions. Normally, I will use it, load it up, check the settings, start it, and get a cup of coffee. When done, I just Import the resultant file into PrPro for editing.


                  Good luck,



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                    nemci7v Level 1

                    Thanks for the help all! The first avi was made with a desktop recording program and the second video is from a digital camera. These are the details for the second. I didn't know a simple video was comprised of all this!



                    1978 A.M.Paredes predictor (LossLess) -

                    2VUY Optibase VideoPump 8-bit 4:2:2 Component Y'CbCr -

                    3IV0 MPEG4-based codec 3ivx -

                    3IV1 3ivx (MPEG4-based) 3ivx

                    3IV2 3ivx (MPEG4-based) 3ivx

                    3IVD 3ivx DivX Doctored 3ivx

                    3IVX 3ivx (MPEG4-based) 3ivx

                    3VID 3ivx (MPEG4-based) 3ivx

                    8BPS Planar RGB w/alpha Apple

                    ____ |No Codec NA

                    _BIT BI_BITFIELDS (Raw RGB) * No codec needed

                    _JPG BI_JPEG JPEG compressed Joint Photo Experts Group

                    _PNG BI_PNG PNG compressed W3C/ISO/IEC (RFC-2083)

                    _RAW Full Frames (Uncompressed) N.A.

                    _RGB BI_RGB Raw Bitmap * No codec needed

                    _RL4 BI_RLE4 (RLE 4bpp RGB) * No codec needed

                    _RL8 BI_RLE8 (RLE 8bpp RGB) * No codec needed

                    AAS4 Autodesk Animator codec (RLE) Autodesk

                    AASC Autodesk Animator codec Autodesk

                    ABYR Kensington ? Kensington

                    ACTL Streambox ACT-L2 -

                    ADV1 Loronix WaveCodec (used in various CCTV products) -

                    ADVJ Avid M-JPEG Avid Technology Also known as AVRn Avid Technology, Inc

                    AEIK Intel Indeo Video 3.2 (Vector Quantization) -

                    AEMI Array VideoONE MPEG1-I Capture Array Microsystems

                    AFLC Autodesk Animator codec Autodesk

                    AFLI Autodesk Animator codec Autodesk

                    AHDV CineForm 10-bit Visually Perfect HD (Wavelet) -

                    AJPG 22fps JPEG-based codec for digital cameras -

                    ALAC Apple lossless audio Apple

                    ALPH Not specified. Ziracom Digital Communications Inc.

                    AMPG Array VideoONE MPEG Array Microsystems

                    AMR AMR Speech Codec 3GPP.org

                    ANIM Intel RDX Intel

                    AP41 AngelPotion Definitive AngelPotion

                    AP42 AngelPotion Definitive (hack MS MP43) AngelPotion

                    ASLC AlparySoft Lossless Codec -

                    ASV1 Asus Video Asus

                    ASV2 Asus Video (2) Asus

                    ASVX Asus Video 2.0 Asus

                    ATM4 Ahead Nero Digital MPEG-4 Codec -

                    AUR2 AuraVision Aura 2: YUV 422 AuraVision Corporation

                    AURA AuraVision Aura 1: YUV 411 AuraVision Corporation

                    AUVX AUVX video codec. USH GmbH

                    AV1X Avid 1:1x (Quick Time) Avid Technology, Inc

                    AVC1 H.264/MPEG-4 AVC ITU-T/ISO/IEC

                    AVD1 Avid DV (Quick Time) Avid Technology, Inc

                    AVDJ Independent JPEG Group's codec ?

                    AVDN Avid DNxHD (Quick Time) Avid Technology, Inc

                    AVDV Avid DV Avid Technology, Inc

                    AVI1 MainConcept Motion JPEG Codec -

                    AVI2 MainConcept Motion JPEG Codec -

                    AVID Avid Motion JPEG Avid Technology, Inc

                    AVIS Wrapper for AviSynth (Dummy codec) -

                    AVMP Avid IMX (Quick Time) Avid Technology, Inc

                    AVR Avid ABVB/NuVista MJPEG w/alpha Avid Technology, Inc

                    AVRN Independent JPEG Group's codec ?

                    AVUI Avid Meridien Uncompressed w/alpha Avid Technology, Inc

                    AVUP Avid 10bit Packed (Quick Time) Avid Technology, Inc

                    AYUV 4:4:4 YUV format *No codec needed

                    AZPR Apple QuickTime Apple

                    AZRP Apple QuickTime Apple

                    BGR Raw RGB32 * No codec needed

                    BHIV BeHere iVideo -

                    BINK Bink Video RAD Game Tools

                    BIT BI_BITFIELDS (Raw RGB) -

                    BITM Microsoft H.261 Microsoft

                    BLOX Jan Jezabek BLOX MPEG Codec -

                    BLZ0 MPEG-4 Blizzard Entertainment

                    BT20 Prosumer Video Conexant

                    BTCV Composite Video Codec Conexant

                    BTVC Conexant Composite Video Conexant

                    BW00 BergWave (Wavelet) -

                    BW10 Broadway MPEG Capture/Compression Data Translation

                    BXBG BOXX BGR -

                    BXRG BOXX RGB -

                    BXY2 BOXX 10-bit YUV -

                    BXYV BOXX YUV -

                    CC12 YUV12 Codec Intel

                    CDV5 Canopus SD50/DVHD -

                    CDVC Canopus DV Codec Canopus

                    CDVH Canopus SD50/DVHD -

                    CFCC DPS Perception Digital Processing Systems

                    CFHD CineForm 10-bit Visually Perfect HD (Wavelet) -

                    CGDI Camcorder Video Microsoft

                    CHAM MM_WINNOV_CAVIARA_CHAMPAGNE Winnov, Inc.

                    CJPG WebCam JPEG Creative Labs

                    CLJR Cirrus Logic YUV 4:1:1 Cirrus

                    CLLC Canopus LossLess -

                    CLPL Format similar to YV12 but including a level of indirection. -

                    CM10 MediaShow 1.0. CyberLink Corporation

                    CMYK Common Data Format in Printing Colorgraph (UK)

                    COL0 FFmpeg DivX ;-) (MS MPEG-4 v3) -

                    COL1 FFmpeg DivX ;-) (MS MPEG-4 v3) -

                    CPLA YUV 4:2:0 Weitek

                    CRAM Microsoft Video 1 Microsoft

                    CSCD RenderSoft CamStudio lossless Codec (LZO & GZIP compression) -

                    CT10 TalkingShow 1.0. CyberLink Corporation

                    CTRX Citrix Scalable Video Codec -

                    CUVC Canopus HQ -

                    CVID Cinepak by Supermac Supermac

                    CWLT Microsoft Color WLT DIB Microsoft

                    CYUV Creative Labs YUV Creative Labs, Inc.

                    CYUY ATI Proprietary YUV compression ATI Technologies

                    D261 H.261 ITU-T

                    D263 H.263 ITU-T

                    DAVC Dicas MPEGable H.264/MPEG-4 AVC base profile codec -

                    DC25 MainConcept ProDV Codec -

                    DCAP Pinnacle DV25 Codec -

                    DCL1 Data Connection Conferencing Codec -

                    DCT0 WniWni Codec -

                    DFSC DebugMode FrameServer VFW Codec -

                    DIB Device Independent Bitmap * No codec needed

                    DIV1 Microsoft MPEG-4 v1 Microsoft

                    DIV2 Microsoft MPEG-4 v2 Microsoft

                    DIV3 DivX 3 Low-Motion DivX

                    DIV4 DivX 3 Fast-Motion DivX

                    DIV5 DivX 5.x/6.x divx.com

                    DIV6 DivX ;-) (MS MPEG-4 v3) ?

                    DIVX DivX 4 (OpenDivX) Project Mayo

                    DJPG Broadway 101 Motion JPEG codec. Data Translation, Inc.

                    DM4V Dicas MPEGable MPEG-4 -

                    DMB1 Matrox MJPG for RainbowRunner Matrox

                    DMB2 Matrox MJPG for RainbowRunner Matrox

                    DMK2 ViewSonic V36 PDA Video -

                    DP02 DynaPel MPEG-4 -

                    DP16 YUV411 with DPCM 6-bit compression. Matsushita

                    DP18 YUV411 with DPCM 8-bit compression. Matsushita

                    DP26 YUV422 with DPCM 6-bit compression. Matsushita

                    DP28 YUV422 with DPCM 8-bit compression. Matsushita

                    DP96 YVU9 with DPCM 6-bit compression. Matsushita

                    DP98 YVU9 with DPCM 8-bit compression. Matsushita

                    DP9L YVU9 with DPCM 6-bit compression and thinned-out. Matsushita

                    DPS0 DPS Reality Motion JPEG DPS/Leitch

                    DPSC DPS PAR Motion JPEG DPS/Leitch

                    DRMI iPod DRM Protected Apple

                    DRWX Pinnacle DV25 Codec -

                    DSVD DV Codec ?

                    DTMT Media-100 Codec -

                    DTNT Media-100 Codec -

                    DUCK TrueMotion S Duck Corporation

                    DV10 BlueFish444 (lossless RGBA, YUV 10-bit) -

                    DV25 Matrox DVCPRO codec Matrox

                    DV50 Matrox DVCPRO50 codec Matrox

                    DVAN Pinnacle miroVideo DV300 SW codec Pinnacle / Avid

                    DVC DVC/DV Video IEC 61834 and SMPTE 314M

                    DVCP DVC/DV Video IEC 61834 and SMPTE 314M

                    DVCS MainConcept DV Codec -

                    DVE2 DVE-2 Videoconferencing Codec InSoft

                    DVH1 Pinnacle DVHD100 -

                    DVHD DV 1125 lines at 30.00 Hz or 1250 lines at 25.00 Hz IEC Standard

                    DVIS VSYNC DualMoon Iris DV codec -

                    DVL Radius SoftDV 16:9 NTSC Radius / Cinepak

                    DVLP Radius SoftDV 16:9 PAL Radius / Cinepak

                    DVMA Darim Vision DVMPEG (dummy for MPEG compressor) Darim Vision Co., Ltd.

                    DVNM Not specified. Matsushita

                    DVOR BlueFish444 (lossless RGBA, YUV 10-bit) -

                    DVPN Apple QT DV (NTSC) Apple

                    DVPP Apple QT DV (PAL) Apple

                    DVR1 TARGA2000 Codec -

                    DVRS VSYNC DualMoon Iris DV codec -

                    DVSD DVC/DV Video IEC 61834 and SMPTE 314M

                    DVSL DV compressed in SD (SDL) IEC Standard

                    DVX1 DVX1000SP Video Decoder Lucent

                    DVX2 DVX2000S Video Decoder Lucent

                    DVX3 DVX3000S Video Decoder Lucent

                    DX50 DivX 5.x/6.x divx.com

                    DXGM Electronic Arts Game Video codec -

                    DXRE DivX Subtitle Codec DivX

                    DXSB DivX Subtitle Codec DivX

                    DXT0 Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXT1 DirectX Texture Compression Format 1 Microsoft

                    DXT2 DirectX Texture Compression Format 2 Microsoft

                    DXT3 DirectX Texture Compression Format 3 Microsoft

                    DXT4 DirectX Texture Compression Format 4 Microsoft

                    DXT5 DirectX Texture Compression Format 5 Microsoft

                    DXT6 Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXT7 Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXT8 Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXT9 Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTA Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTB Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTC DirectX Texture Compression Microsoft

                    DXTD Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTE Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTF Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTG Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTH Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTI Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTJ Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTK Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTL Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTM Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTN DirectX Compressed Texture Microsoft

                    DXTO Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTP Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTQ Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTR Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTS Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTT Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTU Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTV Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTW Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTX Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTY Reserved. Microsoft

                    DXTZ Reserved. Microsoft

                    EKQ0 related to Elsa Graphics cards http://www.elsa.com/

                    ELK0 related to Elsa Graphics cards http://www.elsa.com/

                    EM2V Etymonix MPEG-2 I-frame http://www.etymonix.com/

                    EMWC EverAd Marquee WMA codec. EverAd, Inc.

                    ENCA ISMA Encrypted/Protected audio ~ISOMP4

                    ENCV ISMA Encrypted/Protected video ~ISOMP4

                    EQK0 Elsa graphics card quick codec -

                    ESCP Escape Eidos Technologies

                    ETV1 eTreppid Video Codec eTreppid Technologies

                    ETV2 eTreppid Video Codec eTreppid Technologies

                    ETVC eTreppid Video Codec eTreppid Technologies

                    FFDS ffds Lossless Video FFmpeg

                    FFV1 ffds Lossless Video FFmpeg

                    FFVH FFmpeg Lossless HuffYUV (open source) ffmpeg

                    FLIC Autodesk FLI/FLC Animation http://www.autodesk.com

                    FLJP Field Encoded Motion JPEG D-Vision

                    FLV1 Flash Sorenson Video Sorenson Media

                    FLV4 Flash VP6 On2 Technologies

                    FMJP D-Vision fieldbased ISO MJPEG -

                    FMP4 FFmpeg/ffdshow ISO MPEG-4 FFmpeg/ffdshow (open source)

                    FPS1 FRAPS Codec beepa

                    FRLE SoftLab-NSK Y16 + Alpha RLE -

                    FRWA Forward Motion JPEG w/alpha SoftLab-Nsk

                    FRWD Forward Motion JPEG SoftLab-Nsk

                    FRWT Darim Vision Forward Motion JPEG Darim Vision Co., Ltd.

                    FRWU Darim Vision Forward Uncompressed Darim Vision Co., Ltd.

                    FSV1 FFmpeg Flash Screen video ffmpeg (open source)

                    FVF1 Fractal Video Frame Iterated Systems, Inc.

                    FVFW ff MPEG-4 based on XviD codec -

                    FXT1 Not specified. 3dfx Interactive, Inc.

                    G2M2 GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar Codec v2.x Citrix Systems, Inc.

                    G2M3 GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar Codec v3.x Citrix Systems, Inc.

                    G726 ITU-T Recommendation G.726 (1990) ~ISOMP4

                    GEPJ Motion JPEG Codec White Pine (ex Paradigm Matrix)

                    GJPG Grand Tech GT891x Codec -

                    GLCC GigaLink AV Capture codec -

                    GLZW Motion LZW gabest@freemail.hu

                    GPEG Motion JPEG gabest@freemail.hu

                    GPJM Pinnacle ReelTime MJPEG Codec -

                    GREY Apparently a duplicate of Y800 -

                    GWLT Microsoft Greyscale WLT DIB Microsoft

                    GXVE SoftMedia ViVD V2 SoftMedia

                    H260 H.260 ITU-T

                    H261 H.261 ITU-T

                    H262 H.262 ITU-T

                    H263 H.263 ITU-T

                    H264 H.264/MPEG-4 AVC ITU-T/ISO/IEC

                    H265 Intel ITU H.265 -

                    H266 Intel ITU H.266 -

                    H267 Intel ITU H.267 -

                    H268 Intel ITU H.268 -

                    H269 Intel ITU H.263 for POTS-based videoconferencing -

                    HD10 BlueFish444 (lossless RGBA, YUV 10-bit) -

                    HDX4 HDX4 MPEG-4 Codec JOMIGO GmbH.

                    HFYU Huffyuv Lossless Codec Open Source

                    HM12 Hauppauge PVR 250/350 MB-YUV Format Hauppauge

                    HMCR Rendition Motion Compensation Format Rendition

                    HMRR Rendition Motion Compensation Format Rendition

                    I263 H.263 ITU-T

                    I420 RAW I420 *No Decoder Needed

                    IAN Intel RDX. Intel Corporation

                    ICLB CellB Videoconferencing Codec InSoft

                    IDM0 IDM Motion Wavelets 2.0 -

                    IF09 Indeo YVU9 (YVU9 with additional delta-frame info after the U plane) *No codec needed

                    IFO9 Intel intermediate YUV9. Intel Corporation

                    IGOR Power DVD ?

                    IJPG Intergraph JPEG Intergraph

                    ILVC Layered Video Intel

                    ILVR H.263 ITU-T

                    IMAC Intel hardware motion compensation. Intel Corporation

                    IMC1 As YV12, except the U and V planes have same stride as the Y plane -

                    IMC2 Similar to IMC1, w/ U and V lines interleaved at half stride boundaries -

                    IMC3 As IMC1, except that U and V are swapped -

                    IMC4 As IMC2, except that U and V are swapped -

                    IMG Apple RGB Apple

                    IMJG Accom SphereOUS MJPEG with Alpha-channel -

                    IPDV Giga AVI DV Codec I-O Data Device, Inc.

                    IPJ2 Image Power JPEG2000 -

                    IR21 Indeo 2.1 Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IRAW Intel YUV Uncompressed Intel

                    ISME Intel's next-generation video codec. Intel Corporation

                    IUYV Interlaced version of UYVY http://www.leadtools.com/

                    IV30 Indeo 3.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IV31 Indeo 3.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IV32 Indeo 3.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IV33 Indeo 3.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IV34 Indeo 3.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IV35 Indeo 3.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IV36 Indeo 3.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IV37 Indeo 3.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IV38 Indeo 3.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IV39 Indeo 3.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IV40 Indeo 4.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IV41 Indeo 4.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IV42 Indeo 4.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IV43 Indeo 4.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IV44 Indeo 4.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IV45 Indeo 4.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IV46 Indeo 4.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IV47 Indeo 4.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IV48 Indeo 4.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IV49 Indeo 4.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IV50 Indeo 5.x Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    IY41 Interlaced version of Y41P LEAD Multimedia

                    IYU1 12 bit format used in mode 2 of the IEEE 1394 1.04 spec IEEE standard

                    IYU2 24 bit format used in mode 2 of the IEEE 1394 1.04 spec IEEE standard

                    IYUV Planar YUV format (8-bpp Y plane, 8-bpp U and V planes) *No codec needed

                    JBYR Kensington Codec Kensington

                    JFIF JPEG File Interchange Format -

                    JPEG Still Image JPEG DIB Microsoft

                    JPG JPEG compressed -

                    JPGL Pegasus Lossless Motion JPEG http://www.jpg.com/

                    KMVC Karl Morton's Video Codec (presumably) Team17 Software

                    KPCD Kodak Photo CD Kodak

                    L261 LEAD H.261 LEAD Multimedia

                    L263 LEAD H.263 LEAD Multimedia

                    L264 LEAD H.264 LEAD Multimedia

                    LAGS Lagarith Lossless Ben Greenwood

                    LBYR Creative WebCam Creative Labs, Inc.

                    LCMW LEAD Motion CMW Codec LEAD Multimedia

                    LCW2 LEAD MCMW 9Motion Wavelet LEAD Multimedia

                    LEAD LEAD Video Codec LEAD Multimedia

                    LGRY LEAD Grayscale Image LEAD Multimedia

                    LIA1 Liafail Liafail, Inc.

                    LJ2K LEADTools JPEG2000 LEAD Multimedia

                    LJPG LEAD MJPEG Codec LEAD Multimedia

                    LMP2 LEADTools MPEG2 LEAD Multimedia

                    LMRT Liquid Motion Runtime Control Microsoft

                    LOCO LOCO Lossless Codec -

                    LSCR LEAD Screen Capture -

                    LSV0 Reserved. Infinop Inc.

                    LSVC Lightning Strike Video Codec ESPRE Solutions

                    LSVM Lightning Strike Video Codec ESPRE Solutions

                    LSVW Lightning Strike multi-bitrate Infinop Inc.

                    LSVX Lightning Strike Video Codec ESPRE Solutions

                    LX63 LEAD H263 Codec LEAD Multimedia

                    LZO1 LZO (oberhumer lossless) oberhumer.com

                    M101 Uncompressed field-based YUY2. Matrox Electronic Systems, Ltd.

                    M261 H.261 Microsoft

                    M263 H.263 Microsoft

                    M4CC ESS MPEG4 Divio codec -

                    M4S2 Compliant MPEG-4 v2 Simple Profile Microsoft

                    MC12 Motion Compensation Format ATI Technologies

                    MC24 MainConcept Motion JPEG -

                    MCAM Motion Compensation Format ATI Technologies

                    MCZM Theory MicroCosm Lossless 64bit RGB w/alpha -

                    MDVD Alex MicroDVD Video (hacked MS MPEG-4) http://www.tiasoft.de/

                    MDVF Pinnacle DV/DV50/DVHD100 -

                    MHFY A.M.Paredes mhuffyYUV (LossLess) -

                    MJ2C Morgan Multimedia JPEG 2000 http://www.morgan-multimedia.com/

                    MJP2 Motion JPEG 2000 ISO

                    MJPA Morgan Motion JPEG Codec http://www.morgan-multimedia.com

                    MJPB Morgan Motion JPEG Codec http://www.morgan-multimedia.com

                    MJPG Motion JPEG -

                    MJPX Pegasus PICVideo Motion JPEG -

                    ML20 Mimic MSN Messenger Webcam Logitech/Microsoft

                    MMES Matrox MPEG-2 I-frame Matrox

                    MMIF Matrox MPEG-2 elementary I-frame-only video stream. Matrox Electronic Systems, Ltd.

                    MNVD MindBend MindVid LossLess -

                    MP2A Media Excel MPEG-2 Audio -

                    MP2T Media Excel MPEG-2 Transport Stream -

                    MP2V S-Mpeg 4 version 1 Microsoft

                    MP41 Microsoft MPEG-4 V1 (enhanced H263) Microsoft

                    MP42 S-Mpeg 4 version 2 Microsoft

                    MP43 S-Mpeg 4 version 3 Microsoft

                    MP4A MPEG-4 Audio ~ISOMP4

                    MP4S ISO MPEG-4 Video V1 Microsoft

                    MP4T Media Excel MPEG-4 Transport Stream -

                    MP4V MPEG-4 Video ~ISOMP4

                    MPEG MPEG-1 Chromatic Research

                    MPG1 FFmpeg MPEG 1/2 ?

                    MPG2 FFmpeg MPEG 1/2 ?

                    MPG3 MS MPEG-4 v3 Microsoft

                    MPG4 MS MPEG-4 v1 Microsoft

                    MPGI MPEG Sigma Designs

                    MPNG PNG images decoder ?

                    MRCA Mrcodec FAST Multimedia

                    MRLE Run Length Encoding Microsoft

                    MSS1 Windows Media 7 Screen Video Microsoft

                    MSS2 Windows Media 9 Screen Video Microsoft

                    MSUC MSU LossLess -

                    MSUD MSU LossLess -

                    MSV1 Microsoft video codec V1. Microsoft

                    MSVC Video 1 Microsoft

                    MSZH avimszh (lossless, ZLIB) S&K LCL (Lossless Codec Library)

                    MTGA Motion TGA images (24, 32 bpp) -

                    MTX1 Matrox, possibly a texture format Matrox

                    MTX2 Matrox, possibly a texture format Matrox

                    MTX3 Matrox, possibly a texture format Matrox

                    MTX4 Matrox, possibly a texture format Matrox

                    MTX5 Matrox, possibly a texture format Matrox

                    MTX6 Matrox, possibly a texture format Matrox

                    MTX7 Matrox, possibly a texture format Matrox

                    MTX8 Matrox, possibly a texture format Matrox

                    MTX9 Matrox, possibly a texture format Matrox

                    MV10 Nokia MVC video codec. Nokia Mobile Phones

                    MV11 Nokia MVC video codec. Nokia Mobile Phones

                    MV12 Motion Pixels Codec (old) Motion Pixels

                    MV99 Nokia MVC video codec. Nokia Mobile Phones

                    MVC1 Nokia MVC video codec. Nokia Mobile Phones

                    MVC2 Nokia MVC video codec. Nokia Mobile Phones

                    MVC9 Nokia MVC video codec. Nokia Mobile Phones

                    MVI1 Motion Pixels MVI -

                    MVI2 Motion Pixels MVI -

                    MWV1 Aware Motion Wavelets Aware Inc.

                    MYUV Media-100 844/X Uncompressed -

                    NAVI SMR Codec (hack of Microsoft Mpeg-4) IRC #shadowrealm

                    NDIG Ahead Nero Digital MPEG-4 Codec -

                    NHVU NVidia Texture Format (GEForce 3) -

                    NO16 Theory None16 64bit uncompressed RAW -

                    NT00 NewTek LightWave HDTV YUV with Alpha-channel http://www.newtek.com/

                    NTN1 Video Compression 1 Nogatech

                    NTN2 Nogatech Video Compression 2 (GrabBee hardware coder) -

                    NUV1 NuppelVideo (RTjpeg2.0) #NAME?

                    NV11 8-bit 4:1:1 YUV *No Decoder Needed

                    NV12 8-bit Y plane 2x2 subsampling *No Decoder Needed

                    NV21 As NV12 with U and V reversed *No Decoder Needed

                    NVDS nVidia Texture Format -

                    NVHS NVidia Texture Format (GEForce 3) -

                    NVHU Not specified. NVIDIA Corporation

                    NVS0 Nvidia, probably a texture format NVIDIA Corporation

                    NVS1 Nvidia, probably a texture format NVIDIA Corporation

                    NVS2 Nvidia, probably a texture format NVIDIA Corporation

                    NVS3 Nvidia, probably a texture format NVIDIA Corporation

                    NVS4 Nvidia, probably a texture format NVIDIA Corporation

                    NVS5 Nvidia, probably a texture format NVIDIA Corporation

                    NVS6 Not specified. NVIDIA Corporation

                    NVS7 Not specified. NVIDIA Corporation

                    NVS8 Not specified. NVIDIA Corporation

                    NVS9 Not specified. NVIDIA Corporation

                    NVT0 Nvidia, probably a texture format NVIDIA Corporation

                    NVT1 Nvidia, probably a texture format NVIDIA Corporation

                    NVT2 Nvidia, probably a texture format NVIDIA Corporation

                    NVT3 Nvidia, probably a texture format NVIDIA Corporation

                    NVT4 Nvidia, probably a texture format NVIDIA Corporation

                    NVT5 Nvidia, probably a texture format NVIDIA Corporation

                    NVT6 Not specified. NVIDIA Corporation

                    NVT7 Not specified. NVIDIA Corporation

                    NVT8 Not specified. NVIDIA Corporation

                    NVT9 Not specified. NVIDIA Corporation

                    NY12 Nogatech YUV 12 format. Nogatech Ltd.

                    NYUV Nogatech YUV 422 format. Nogatech Ltd.

                    OSIL LEAD ISO DeMuxer LEAD Multimedia

                    PCL2 Pinnacle RL video codec. Pinnacle / Avid

                    PCLE Studio 400 video codec. Pinnacle / Avid

                    PDVC DVC codec I-O Data Device, Inc.

                    PGVV Radius Video Vision Radius

                    PHMO Photomotion IBM Corporation

                    PIM1 MPEG-1 Realtime (Pinnacle Cards) Pinnacle / Avid

                    PIM2 MPEG-2 IP (Pinnacle Cards) Pinnacle / Avid

                    PIMJ Pegasus Lossless JPEG Pegasus Imaging

                    PIXL MiroXL, Pinnacle PCTV Pinnacle / Avid

                    PNG Apple PNG Apple

                    PNG1 Corecodec.org CorePNG Codec -

                    PVEZ PowerEZ Horizons Technology

                    PVMM PacketVideo Corporation MPEG-4 PacketVideo Corporation

                    PVW2 Pegasus Wavelet 2000 Compression Pegasus Imaging

                    PVWV Pegasus Imaging Wavelet 2000 -

                    PXLT Apple Pixlet (Wavelet) Apple

                    Q1.0 Q-Team's QPEG (www.q-team.de) Q-Team Dr Knabe

                    Q1.1 Q-Team's QPEG (www.q-team.de) Q-Team Dr Knabe

                    QDGX Apple QuickDraw GX Apple

                    QDRW APPLE Quickdraw Palettized Video Apple

                    QPEG QPEG 1.1 Q-Team Dr Knabe

                    QPEQ Q-Team QPEG 1.1 Q-Team Dr Knabe

                    R210 BlackMagic YUV (Quick Time) -

                    R411 Radius DV NTSC YUV Radius / Cinepak

                    R420 Radius DV PAL YUV Radius / Cinepak

                    RASC LogMeIn Screen Codec LogMeIn, Inc

                    RAV_ GroupTRON ReferenceAVI codec (dummy for MPEG compressor) -

                    RAVI GroupTRON ReferenceAVI codec (dummy for MPEG compressor) -

                    RAW Uncompressed RGB *No codec needed

                    RGB Uncompressed BGR32 * No codec needed

                    RGB1 Uncompressed RGB332 3:3:2 -

                    RGBA Raw RGB w/ Alpha * No codec needed

                    RGBO Uncompressed RGB555 5:5:5 -

                    RGBP Uncompressed RGB565 5:6:5 -

                    RGBQ Uncompressed RGB555X 5:5:5 BE -

                    RGBR Uncompressed RGB565X 5:6:5 BE -

                    RGBT Raw RGB w/ Transparency * No codec needed

                    RIVA Swizzled texture format. NVIDIA Corporation

                    RJPG ffmeg NuppelVideo (RTjpeg2.0) ffmpeg

                    RL4 RLE 4bpp RGB -

                    RL8 RLE 8bpp RGB -

                    RLE Run Length Encoded * No codec needed

                    RLE4 Same as BI_RLE4 (RLE 4bpp RGB) * No codec needed

                    RLE8 Same as BI_RLE8 (RLE 8bpp RGB) * No codec needed

                    RLND Not specified. Roland Corporation

                    RMP4 REALmagic MPEG-4 (unauthorized XVID copy) http://www.sigmadesigns.com/

                    ROQV RoQ VideoGame File id Software

                    RPZA Apple RoadPizza Apple

                    RT21 Indeo 2.1 Ligos / Indeo / Intel

                    RTV0 NewTek VideoToaster (dummy format - only AVI header) -

                    RUD0 Rududu video codec http://rududu.ifrance.com/rududu/

                    RV10 RealVideo 1.0 RealNetworks

                    RV13 RealVideo 1.0 variant RealNetworks

                    RV20 RealVideo 2.0 RealNetworks

                    RV30 RealVideo 3.0 RealNetworks

                    RV40 RealVideo 4.0 RealNetworks

                    RVX Intel RDX Intel Corporation

                    S263 ITU H.263 video (3GPP) ~ISOMP4

                    S422 VideoCap C210 Tekram International

                    SAMR Narrowband AMR voice ~ISOMP4

                    SAN3 MPEG-4 codec (direct copy of DivX 3.11a) -

                    SANM LucasArts Smush v2 LucasArts

                    SAWB Wideband AMR voice ~ISOMP4

                    SAWP Extended AMR-WB (AMR-WB+) ~ISOMP4

                    SCCD Luminositi SoftCam codec. Luminositi, Inc.

                    SDCC Digital Camera Codec Sun Communications

                    SEDG Samsung MPEG-4 codec -

                    SEG4 Cinepak for Sega Sega

                    SEGA Cinepak for Sega Sega

                    SEVC EVRC Voice (3GPP2) ~ISOMP4

                    SFMC Surface Fitting Method CrystalNet

                    SHR0 BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless) -

                    SHR1 BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless) -

                    SHR2 BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless) -

                    SHR3 BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless) -

                    SHR4 BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless) -

                    SHR5 BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless) -

                    SHR6 BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless) -

                    SHR7 BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless) -

                    SJPG CUseeMe Networks Codec -

                    SL25 SoftLab-NSK DVCPRO -

                    SL50 SoftLab-NSK DVCPRO50 -

                    SLDV SoftLab-NSK Forward DV Draw codec -

                    SLIF SoftLab-NSK MPEG2 I-frames -

                    SLMJ SoftLab-NSK Forward MJPEG -

                    SMC Apple Graphics Apple

                    SMK2 FFmpeg Smacker Video ffmpeg

                    SMK4 FFmpeg Smacker Video ffmpeg

                    SMP4 Samsung Camcorder Samsung

                    SMSC Proprietary codec Radius

                    SMSD Proprietary codec Radius

                    SMSV Wavelet Video WorldConnect

                    SNOW FFSNOW (Michael's wavelet codec) ffmpeg

                    SP40 SunPlus YUV -

                    SP44 SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Codec -

                    SP53 SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Codec -

                    SP54 Sunplus Sp54 Codec for Mustek GSmart Mini 2 Logitech

                    SP55 SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Codec -

                    SP56 SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Codec -

                    SP57 SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Codec -

                    SP58 SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Codec -

                    SP61 Sunplus Codec for Hama Sightcam Sunplus Technology

                    SPIG Spigot Radius

                    SPLC Splash Studios ACM Audio Codec http://splashstudios.net/

                    SPRK Sorenson Spark -

                    SQCP 13K Voice (3GPP2) ~ISOMP4

                    SQZ2 VXTreme Video Codec V2 Microsoft

                    SSMV SMV Voice (3GPP2) ~ISOMP4

                    STVA ST CMOS Imager Data (Bayer) ST Microelectronics

                    STVB ST CMOS Imager Data (Nudged Bayer) ST Microelectronics

                    STVC ST CMOS Imager Data (Bunched) ST Microelectronics

                    STVX ST CMOS Imager Data (Extended CODEC  Format) ST Microelectronics

                    STVY ST CMOS Imager Data (Extended CODEC  Format w/ Correction) ST Microelectronics

                    SV10 Video R1 Sorenson Media

                    SV3M Sorenson SV3 module decoder. Sorenson Vision, Inc.

                    SVQ1 Sorenson v1 Sorenson Media

                    SVQ3 Sorenson v3 (QT 5) Sorenson Media

                    SWC1 MainConcept Motion JPEG -

                    T420 Toshiba YUV 4:2:0 Toshiba

                    TGA Apple TGA w/alpha Apple

                    THEO Theora (free, reworked VP3) xiph.org/theora.org  (open source)

                    THRA Theora (free, reworked VP3) xiph.org/theora.org (open source)

                    TIFF Apple TIFF w/alpha Apple

                    TIM2 Pinnacle RAL DVI -

                    TLMS Motion Intraframe Codec TeraLogic

                    TLST Motion Intraframe Codec TeraLogic

                    TM10 TrueMotion 1.0 Duck (now ON2) Corp

                    TM20 TrueMotion 2.0 Duck (now ON2) Corp

                    TM2A Duck TrueMotion Archiver 2.0 Duck (now ON2) Corporation

                    TM2X Duck TrueMotion 2X Duck (now ON2) Corp

                    TMIC Motion Intraframe Codec TeraLogic

                    TMOT TrueMotion S Horizons Technology

                    TR20 TrueMotion RT 2.0 Duck Corporation

                    TRLE Akula Alpha Pro Custom AVI (LossLess) -

                    TSCC TechSmith Screen Capture Codec Techsmith Corp.

                    TV10 Tecomac Low-Bit Rate Codec Tecomac, Inc.

                    TVJP Targa 2000 board Pinnacle / Avid

                    TVMJ Targa 2000 board Pinnacle / Avid

                    TWOS Uncompressed 16-bit audio *No codec needed

                    TY0N Tecomac Low-Bit Rate Codec http://www.tecomac.com

                    TY2C Trident Decompression Driver Trident Microsystems

                    TY2N Trident Codec Trident Microsystems

                    U263 UB Video H.263/H.263+/H.263++ Decoder UB Video Inc.

                    U<Y Discreet UC YUV 4:2:2:4 10 bit -

                    U<YA Discreet UC YUV 4:2:2:4 10 bit (with Alpha-channel) -

                    UCOD ClearVideo eMajix.com

                    ULTI Ultimotion IBM Corporation

                    UMP4 UB Video MPEG 4 http://www.ubvideo.com

                    UYNV Same as UYVY NVIDIA Corporation

                    UYVP YCbCr 4:2:2 extended precision Evans & Sutherland

                    UYVU SoftLab-NSK Forward YUV codec -

                    UYVY UYVY (packed 4:2:2) *No codec needed

                    V210 Optibase VideoPump 10-bit 4:2:2 Component Y'CbCr -

                    V261 Lucent VX2000S Lucent

                    V422 24-bit YUV 4:2:2 Vitec Multimedia

                    V655 16-bit YUV 4:2:2 Vitec Multimedia

                    VBLE MarcFD VBLE Lossless Codec -

                    VCR1 ATI Video Codec 1 ATI Technologies

                    VCR2 ATI Video Codec 2 ATI Technologies

                    VCR3 ATI VCR 3.0 ATI Technologies

                    VCR4 ATI VCR 4.0 ATI Technologies

                    VCR5 ATI VCR 5.0 ATI Technologies

                    VCR6 ATI VCR 6.0 ATI Technologies

                    VCR7 ATI VCR 7.0 ATI Technologies

                    VCR8 ATI VCR 8.0 ATI Technologies

                    VCR9 ATI VCR 9.0 ATI Technologies

                    VCRD Dirac Video Codec Open Source

                    VCWV VideoCon wavelet. VideoCon

                    VDCT Video Maker Pro DIB Vitec Multimedia

                    VDOM VDOWave VDONet

                    VDOW VDOLive VDONet

                    VDST VirtualDub remote frameclient ICM driver -

                    VDTZ VideoTizer YUV Codec Darim Vision Co.

                    VGPX VGPixel Codec Alaris

                    VIDM DivX 5.0 Pro Supported Codec -

                    VIDS YUV 4:2:2 CCIR 601 for V422 Vitec Multimedia

                    VIFP VFAPI Reader Codec http://www.yks.ne.jp/~hori/

                    VIV1 FFmpeg H263+ decoder ?

                    VIV2 Vivo H.263 Vivo Software

                    VIVO Vivo H.263 Vivo Software

                    VIXL Video XL Miro (now part of Pinnacle Systems)

                    VJPG A JPEG-based compression scheme for RGB bitmaps. Video Communication Systems

                    VLV1 Videologic codec VideoLogic (now PURE Digital)

                    VMNC VMware Codec VMware

                    VP30 On2 VP3 On2 Technologies

                    VP31 On2 VP3 On2 Technologies

                    VP40 On2 VP4 On2 Technologies

                    VP50 On2 VP5 On2 Technologies

                    VP60 On2 VP6 / Flash On2 Technologies

                    VP61 On2 VP6 / Flash On2 Technologies

                    VP62 On2 VP6 / Flash On2 Technologies

                    VP6F FFmpeg VP6 / Flash ffmpeg (open source)

                    VP70 On2 VP7 On2 Technologies

                    VP71 On2 VP7 On2 Technologies

                    VP72 On2 VP7 On2 Technologies

                    VQC1 Vector-quantised codec 1 (high compression) http://eprints.ecs.soton.ac.uk/archive/00001310/01/VTC97-js.pdf

                    VQC2 Vector-quantised codec 2 (research) http://eprints.ecs.soton.ac.uk/archive/00001310/01/VTC97-js.pdf

                    VQJP VQ630 dual-mode digital camera. ViewQuest Technologies Inc.

                    VQS4 VQ110 digital video camera. ViewQuest Technologies Inc.

                    VR21 BlackMagic YUV (Quick Time) -

                    VRBS FFmpeg Vorbis decoder ffmpeg

                    VSSH Videosoft H.264 Codec 2 Videosoft, http://www.videosoftinc.com/

                    VSSV Vanguard Software Solutions Video Codec -

                    VSSW Vanguard VSS H.264 -

                    VTC1 Not specified. NVIDIA Corporation

                    VTC2 Not specified. NVIDIA Corporation

                    VTC3 Not specified. NVIDIA Corporation

                    VTC4 Not specified. NVIDIA Corporation

                    VTC5 Not specified. NVIDIA Corporation

                    VTC6 Not specified. NVIDIA Corporation

                    VTC7 Not specified. NVIDIA Corporation

                    VTC8 Not specified. NVIDIA Corporation

                    VTC9 Not specified. NVIDIA Corporation

                    VTLP Alaris VideoGramPiX ?

                    VX1K VX1000S Video Codec Lucent

                    VX2K VX2000S Video Codec Lucent

                    VXSP VX1000SP Video Codec Lucent

                    VYU9 ATI YUV ATI Technologies

                    VYUY ATI YUV ATI Technologies

                    WAKE Unknown MJPG Variant -

                    WBVC W9960 Winbond Electronics

                    WHAM Microsoft Video 1 Microsoft

                    WINX Winnov Software Compression Winnov

                    WJPG Winbond JPEG? Winbond

                    WMS2 Reserved. Microsoft

                    WMV1 WMP v7 Microsoft

                    WMV2 WMP v8 Microsoft

                    WMV3 WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main) Microsoft

                    WMVA WMP v10 (VC-1 Beta) Microsoft

                    WMVP WMP v9 Image Microsoft

                    WMVR WMV Unknown Microsoft

                    WNIX WniWni Codec -

                    WNV1 Winnov Hardware Compression Winnov

                    WNVA Winnov hw compress -

                    WPY2 Not specified. Winnov, Inc.

                    WRLE Apple RLE BMP Apple

                    WRPR VideoTools VideoServer Client (wrapper for AviSynth) -

                    WV1F WV1F (MPEG-4 variation) -

                    WVC1 VC-1 Adv (WMP11) Microsoft

                    WVLT IllusionHope Wavelet 9/7 -

                    WVP2 Windows Media Video 9.1 Image v2 Microsoft

                    WZCD iScan. CORE Co. Ltd.

                    WZDC iSnap. CORE Co. Ltd.

                    X263 Xirlink Xirlink

                    X264 XiWave GNU GPL x264 MPEG-4 Codec -

                    XJPG Xirlink JPEG-like compressor. Xirlink, Inc.

                    XLV0 XL Video Decoder NetXL Inc.

                    XMPG XING MPEG XING Corporation

                    XVID XviD ISO MPEG-4 xvid.org (open source)

                    XVIX Based on XviD MPEG-4 codec -

                    XWV0 XiWave Video Codec -

                    XWV1 XiWave Video Codec -

                    XWV2 XiWave Video Codec -

                    XWV3 XiWave Video Codec (Xi-3 Video) -

                    XWV4 XiWave Video Codec -

                    XWV5 XiWave Video Codec -

                    XWV6 XiWave Video Codec -

                    XWV7 XiWave Video Codec -

                    XWV8 XiWave Video Codec -

                    XWV9 XiWave Video Codec -

                    XXAN OSI Game Codec Origin Systems

                    XYZP Extended PAL format XYZ palette http://www.riff.org

                    Y211 YUV packed *No codec needed

                    Y216 Pinnacle TARGA CineWave YUV (Quick Time) -

                    Y411 Same as Y41P *No codec needed

                    Y41B YUV 4:1:1 Planar Weitek

                    Y41P YUV 4:1:1 Packed *No codec needed

                    Y41T PC1 4:1:1 with transparency Brooktree Corporation

                    Y422 Copy of UYVY used in Pyro WebCam firewire camera ADS Technologies

                    Y42B YUV 4:2:2 Planar Weitek USA

                    Y42T UYVY with pixel transparency support Brooktree Corporation

                    Y444 IYU2 (iRez Stealth Fire camera) -

                    Y8  Grayscale video * No codec needed

                    Y800 Grayscale video * No codec needed

                    YC12 YUV 12 codec Intel

                    YCCK Uncompressed YCbCr video with key data. B.U.G., Inc.

                    YMPG YMPEG Alpha (dummy for MPEG-2 compressor) -

                    YU12 ATI YV12 4:2:0 Planar ATI Technologies

                    YU92 YUV Intel Corporation

                    YUNV Same as YUY2 NVIDIA Corporation

                    YUV2 Apple YUV 4:2:2 Apple

                    YUV8 MM_WINNOV_CAVIAR_YUV8 Winnov, Inc.

                    YUV9 YUV9 Intel Corporation

                    YUVP Extended PAL format YUV palette http://www.riff.org

                    YUY2 YUV packed 4:2:2 *No codec needed

                    YUYP YCbCr 4:2:2 extended precision, 10 bits per component (Y0U0Y1V0). Evans & Sutherland

                    YUYV BI_YUYV, Canopus Canopus, Co., Ltd.

                    YV12 IYUV w/ U & V switched *No codec needed

                    YV16 Elecard YUV 4:2:2 Planar -

                    YV92 Intel's Smart Video Recorder YVU9 -

                    YVU9 Planar YUV format *No codec needed

                    YVYU YUV packed 4:2:2 *No codec needed

                    ZLIB avizlib (lossless, ZLIB/PNG) S&K LCL (Lossless Codec Library)

                    ZMBV Zip Motion Blocks Video Konstantin Shishkov

                    ZPEG Video Zipper Metheus

                    ZPG1 Not specified. VoDeo Solutions, Inc.

                    ZPG2 Not specified. VoDeo Solutions, Inc.

                    ZPG3 Not specified. VoDeo Solutions, Inc.

                    ZPG4 Not specified. VoDeo Solutions, Inc.

                    ZYGO ZyGo Video Codec -

                    • 7. Re: Importing .avi
                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                      It still does not tell us what codec was used inside your AVI. We need a screenshot from G-Spot to see that.


                      All we can see now is that you have an extremely polluted system and you have installed all kinds of codecs that are less than desirable for editing. Your best option now is to do a complete reformat of your hard disk, install OS and programs and keep away from all these esoteric codecs and a number of their programs as well. Time for a thorough clean-up of your system.


                      Maybe not the message you want to hear, but hey, you did it all to yourself.

                      • 8. Re: Importing .avi
                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Actually, that looks like a list of all CODEC's on your computer. When you run the AV files through G-Spot, what does it tell you about each one? It would be simple to post a screen-cap of the G-Spot screen, with enough clarity for the users to read. This ARTICLE will give you tips on doing a screen-cap.


                        Good luck,



                        • 9. Re: Importing .avi
                          nemci7v Level 1

                          Sorry for the wrong details.. I installed a codec pack, I guess that's why I have that long list. Here is the screenshot



                          • 10. Re: Importing .avi
                            Harm Millaard Level 7

                            Use either Morgan or MainConcept MJPEG codecs for that material.


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                            • 11. Re: Importing .avi
                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              Thank you for that screen-cap. It tells the story. Back in reply #4, I made a guess:


                              I chose the most like two: MJPEG and DivX for my guess.

                              Glad that I got it right. However, at that time, I was only guessing.


                              Harm has given you two good MJPEG CODEC's. The MainConcept might get a very slight "nod," as two users here had issues with the Morgan. Still, either should work fine.


                              Good luck,




                              [Edit] Just happen to have the URL's for the MORGAN and the MAINCONCEPT.


                              Message was edited by: Bill Hunt - Added URL's

                              • 12. Re: Importing .avi
                                nemci7v Level 1

                                Thank you for the links!


                                And thank you all, you were very helpful! Adobe Premiere is really great

                                • 13. Re: Importing .avi
                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  Most welcome.



                                  • 14. Re: Importing .avi

                                    Hello Hunt and others,


                                    I read nemci7v post and had experienced the same exact problems he did - sound but no video in PPro after converting my file to .ave. Below is the screen print of the GSpot analysis (thanks very much for the link). Would you be able to advise what codec I should be using? And How does one use the codec? during import of the file in PPro? My video was produced by a Canon 5D II. Converted to .avi from a Quicktime file. I had imported a couple quicktime files into PPro, done some editing and the output them. After rendering, they looked awful, must worse than the originals - that why I converted to .avi. I guess my real question is what is the the best workflow for Canon 5D II video files. Oh, I've got Ppro v4.2.1


                                    Thanks very much in advance, I really appreciate your knowledge!


                                    • 15. Re: Importing .avi
                                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                                      Use Google to find a converter to convert from DivX to MS DV AVI type2.

                                      • 16. Re: Importing .avi
                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                        I find that DigitalMedia Converter, shareware, works well with DivX material. Now, you WILL need the DivX CODEC installed, as DMC does not ship with, nor install its own CODEC's, but it works fine for me. It also does great batch conversions, and works very quickly for me I am sure that there are great free converters out there too, but I have not explored them, since finding DMC. Some folk sing the praises of a program, Prism, but I have never used it.


                                        Good luck,



                                        • 18. Re: Importing .avi
                                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                                          John T.,


                                          I'd also add CyberLink's PowerDirector. Some time back, I purchased their PowerDVD (whatever the "deluxe" version was), and they offered PowerDirector for about US$39, so I bought it. One day, I found that it handled DivX natively (with the DivX CODEC installed), and I was surprised at how well it worked with that "stuff." Now, I would not want to edit with it (found the interface clunky), so I have only really used it as a conversion program. Still, it worked surprisingly well. Mine is now about 2-3 versions old, but I have no reason to upgrade it, as I edit in PrPro, and look at it as just a tool in the toolbox. Still, it did not hesitate to Import DivX and even edited it well.


                                          I've got the Magix program, but only use it for editing and Exporting some of the proprietary Magix formats. Have never tried it with DivX, or really anything but those Magix formats/CODEC's.



                                          • 19. Re: Importing .avi
                                            BostonWhaler999 Level 1

                                            Hi Harm/Bill/John,


                                            First off, thank you all very much for replying to my post. My real issue is getting video from a Canon D5 II into and out of PPro CS4. I searched the adobe forums and yes! found a bunch of awesome links from Bill... http://forums.adobe.com/message/1759772#1759772 . The most helpful one (to me) was this http://www.crookedpathfilms.com/blogframe.html from Richard Crook. He says CineForm NeoScene for PC and Mac http://www.cineform.com/neoscene/ is what I need. It's $99 which I'm more than willing to pay...it also converts ACHD which I also need to do from a Panasonic DMC-ZS3. What do you guys think?


                                            Many thanks,



                                            • 20. Re: Importing .avi
                                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                                              Great news. I always hope that my links are helpful to others - that is why they exist.


                                              Good luck,