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    ?An internal error occurred?

    stealtheh Level 1

      Hey Adobe !


      I am an avid Adobe Fireworks CS4 user and whenever I am doing complex designs with about 100 layers(+ -) I will every-so-often get a message that pops up indicating "An internal error occurred". WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN!? and very regularly it will just shut down the program without saving or having a safety file backup like I've noticed Indesign CS4 has. I think Fireworks is the most viisually pleasing programs with an easy setup for consumer usability to do almost anything a designer would need. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, ADOBE fix these problems. I want to be totally pro and do everthing and anything but I hate getting frustrated with these errors and 'bugs'. It's the biggest drag in the world.
      PLEASE ADOBE, fix these things in FIREWORKS CS4 or atleast make it like totally awsome in CS5 otherwise I think I might have to give up on you even though I really don't want to.
      I feel sincere about this situation and I hope you will listen.


      If anyone knows how to fix this then please help.