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    Adding text to new black frame?

    brettr2 Level 1

      I'd like to add ending credits to a movie in Premiere.  Is it possible to add a few black frames at the end of a movie and then a title?  Unless there is another way to get text onto a blank frame.

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          shooternz Level 6

          You really need to pick up the PPRO Manual but..


          Here is a clue or two. (and there is more than one way to do this)...


          Create Black Video Clip

          Create Title

          Place Title over top of Black Video Clip in time line.



          This is fundamental stuff worth learning and practising.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Actually, if you want black with white, or colored text, you do not even need to add the Black Video. Just open Titler and create your text. It will be on a black field (which is Transparent, but will show "black" if nothing is below it), but that works fine. In Titler, you can add Styles to your text, Shapes, etc.. You can also do some limited animation for things like Crawl, or Roll, but can do some really neat animations by Keyframing the fixed Effects Motion>Position and Motion>Scale.


            Do read up on Titler, as it is quite powerful.


            When you finish your Title, it will appear in the Project Panel. All you need to do is drag it to the Timeline. Now, here's something that trips up a few - that will be an "instance" of that Title. If you edit it later, ALL instances will be changed. If you have a Title that you like, and wish to use it again, but with different text, there is a little icon on the upper-left of the Titler Panel, that will allow you to create a new Title, but Based On the one in Titler.


            Good luck,