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    Can't Encode Video Help Please!


      Hey guys thank for looking. Im trying to encode a video with these settings


      File Path: L:\Martin\Encoded Videos\The One mp4.mp4
      Type: XDCAM-EX Movie
      File Size: 285.7 MB
      Image Size: 1280 x 720
      Pixel Depth: 32
      Frame Rate: 29.97
      Source Audio Format: 48000 Hz - compressed - Stereo
      Project Audio Format: 48000 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo
      Total Duration: 00;02;47;14
      Average Data Rate: 1.7 MB / second
      Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0


      Now I try and encode it with quicktime but I get horrible quality.

      I tried h.264 and it looks good but the picture gets stuck and audio goes on like normal.


      My questions is does anyone have a preset that I can maybe use or know what problem Im having.

      Here are the setting for h.264 encoding. Any help would be appreciated.

      3-8-2010 10-20-07 PM.png