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    Fills and Strokes




      Recently we have bought a VP300 printer and its great. We use this for shirt printing mainly... the question I have is when a customer has for example a 3 colour job (e.g 1st outline black, 2nd outline red and main colour white) I currently create the name and number to the size I need and duplicate this 3 times and apply the stoke around each part as I need the 1st outlne to have a cutmark around it.. is there a way of doing this easily?


      Idealy I would like to use appearance tab as I have more control on what I can do and it would be quicker for me when I need to change names and numbers etc... although when I do it this way I cannot see a way to outline the stroke - I need to do this because the fonts I use will not embed in the eps so when I import it into VersaWorks it applys a standard font.


      I hope this makes sense to somebody.




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          I'm not too sure if this is what you're looking for but...


          You can outline the fonts by going to Type>Create Outlines


          and you can outline the strokes by going to Object>Expand...

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            Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



            In order to get what I think you want, you may:


            1) Create the Type (main colour white);

            2) In the Appearance palette/panel Add New Stroke (with the outermost shape black);

            3) In the Appearance palette/panel Add New Stroke (with the intermediate shape red);


            This should give the appearance as Live Type (I believe that is what your question starts with), and then:


            4) Type>Create Outlines to get a Group of (Compound/simple) letter shaped Paths;

            5) Object>Expand Appearance to get three Groups of (Compound/simple) letter shaped Paths, one for each colour;

            6) In the Layers palette/panel select the black Group and Object>Path>Outline Stroke.