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    How do I edit an existing path?


      I realize this is a noob question, however it is driving me crazy.  Here is what I am trying to do- I have a very large high resolution map.  My goal is to zoom in on an area of the map and then pan across the map while an animated path traces across.  The "Indiana Jones" effect.  The problem that I am running into is that this path is intracate and very long, zig-zagging across the US through many cities...


      When I create the shape layer and draw the path, placing verticies in each city, I run out of room and need to zoom out, use the selection tool to scroll the layers (both shape layer and map layer) so that I can continue the path across the map.  However, I don't know how to edit or add verticies to the path I had already created but deselected when I had to move the layers around.


      How do I edit an already existing path/shape and add verticies?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can do this in either the footage window by double clicking on your layer in the timeline, or directly in the time line window. You use the pen tool and the command/option (mac/windows) key to make adjustments. You can also use the selection key (keyboard shortcut "v") to select the mask vertices and control points.


          There's a section in the help files that explains editing paths quite well.