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    Cs4 direct selection pls help


      Hi all, I am running illustrator cs4 on a mac.  coming from a pc with cs3.  I was always able select and move an object in move.  for example say i wanted to duplicate something i would (using the black arrow) click alt and click on the object and drag it to duplicate it.  Now i have to first select it, then release the mouse, then click it again holding alt and then only can i duplicate it.  this is the same for moving or resizing or anything... how do i make it like i had it before on my cs3????  please, this is most irritating...


      thanks, most appreciated..

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

          To duplicate an object in Illustrator using the selection tool you hold down the at key and drag it at the same time, on the Mac it is the option key.


          AS far as I know it has always been that way.


          To resize an object using the selection tool you turn on the bounding box and drag an anchor point, holding  the shift key will constrain the proportions.


          The only thing I can see that might be causing this problem is that you have in the Preferences selected Object Selection by Path Only see if that is so and uncheck it.


          That requires you to actually select the path and not the objects area or stroke. Tat might seem to you to then be having this behavior.


          Although it should not behave quite the way you describe.


          So if that is not the problem try resetting the preferences by holding down the Control Alt Shift keys while restarting Illustrator you should see a dialog box asking you if you want re set the preferences.


          Or you can move or trash the Adobe Illustrator CS 4 Settings folder.

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            Smart_77 Level 1

            Hey Wade, thanks for the reply...


            I know this question does sound stupid, but it is weird. 


            Object Selection by Path was unticked...  I tried resetting the preferences, its a pretty new install of CS4, so I cant understand it.  I cant believe that the program should work like this...


            If i make a rectangle and want to move it in CS3 and its deselected. i just take black arrow, click the object and and drag it anywhere...

            on my cs4 on the mac i have to click once which then selects it. release the mouse and then re click on it and drag it...


            so weird hey...


            Any other ideas would be appreciated...



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              Smart_77 Level 1

              OK I found the solution, compliments of www.getsatisfaction.com, I have a program called cinch installed on my mbp. It allows for windows 7 like window snapping.  This program is extremely useful but clearly does not get along to well with Illustrator CS4, and causes these sort of issues.  The company is working on a patch.


              Thanks for the reply though...