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    Cross-reference links with 9.3.1 and IE8


      Hi there,


      I have a very strange problem and I hope you can point me a solution. I generate pdf files in which I insert links to other pdf files. Starting with IE8 and the latest version of adobe reader, I have problems with this links when I open pdf files in browser. When I click the link, a security warning appears and asks me if I want to allow the content. When I click "Allow", nothing happens. It seems like the internal navigation of the activex component is somehow blocked. This is only happening when I open (in browser) the pdf files from my local path (c:\...). If I share the directory, and open the pdf files from unc path, then the same security warning appears but when I click allow, it is correctly loading the other pdf document (i have XP as OS). Do you  have any idea how to make this links work also from local path?Can I configure something, or is there a security problem?(it's seems so) I can send you also 2 pdf files as sample if you need it for test, just point me an address where I can send them.



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      Michael B.