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    CF 9 - verity/vspider - finding docs, but not indexing them - HELP!

    redtopia Level 1

      I had this working in CF 8, but I cannot for the life of me get this working in CF 9. I need to create a new collection and have vspider index it on a daily basis. I've tried many variations of the same process, which is basically:


      In the CF Admin, create a new verity collection ('tetonscience"), settings: englishx, enable category support


      Run vspider.exe, pointing it to the collection with the following command file contents:


      -collection C:\Verity\tetonscience
      -style C:\ColdFusion9\verity\Data\stylesets\ColdFusionVspider
      -start http://localhost/tss/vindex.cfm
      -host localhost


      It seems to find all the documents, but fails to index them. Here's the log:


      vspider - Verity, Inc. Version K5.5.0 (_nti40, Aug 22 2007)
      2010/03/08 23:38:55 Info: [vspider] (ind006000) Message database loaded from [C:\ColdFusion9\verity\k2\common\ind.msg].
      2010/03/08 23:38:55 Info: [vspider] (ind006001) License loaded from [C:\ColdFusion9\verity\k2\common\runtime.lic].
      2010/03/08 23:38:55 Info: [vspider] (ind005005) Licensed for local spidering.
      2010/03/08 23:38:55 Info: [vspider] (ind005008) Not licensed for remote spidering.
      2010/03/08 23:38:56 Progress: [vspider] (ind031000) Inserting [http://localhost/tss/vindex.cfm].
      2010/03/08 23:38:56 Progress: [vspider] (ind031000) Inserting [http://localhost/tss/vindex.cfm?id=campuses_about_jh].
      2010/03/08 23:38:56 Progress: [vspider] (ind031000) Inserting [http://localhost/tss/vindex.cfm?id=home].
      2010/03/08 23:38:56 Progress: [vspider] (ind031000) Inserting [http://localhost/tss/vindex.cfm?id=campuses_jackson].
      blah, blah blah

      Progress: [vspider] (ind010020) Vspider summary: Submitted 1878 documents for insert, 0 documents for deletion, 0 documents for update;

      Progress: [vspider] (ind010021) Vspider summary: Indexed 0 documents, Deleted 0 documents, 1878 bad documents;

      Progress: [vspider] (ind010022) Vspider summary: Skipped 17056 keys, including 451 duplicate documents rejected;

      Progress: [vspider] (ind010023) Vspider summary: Failed to fetch 160 keys.

      vspider done


      vspider.exe submitted all the documents for indexing, but failed to index any of them. It says their all "bad" documents. Any ideas?