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    Unexpected reaction from TileList

      Hi all,

      I got a wired reaction from the TileList container when I changed the TileList's dataprovider. The dataprovider would be based on ArrayCollection which contains a set of Label object.

      I defined the ArrayCollection object to be Bindable. Therefore, any modification on the ArrayCollection would be reflected by the TileList.

      Work Flow:
      1. The user will click on a specific button.
      2. ArrayCollection object items would be deleted (to make sure no redundancy).
      3. A new set of Label objects would be created according to number of words entered by the user.
      4. Those labels would be added into the ArrayCollection object.
      5. According to the previous step, TileList will reflect ArrayCollection items.

      The problem here: If the user submitted the same word/words the TileList will display what inside ArrayCollection but (duplicated) . For example: if the user enter A, ArrayCollection will have a one label with text of A, and TileList will display two characters of A.

      Need you help!