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    Problem showing 16:9 DVD on 4:3 screen



      I have created a project in Premiere Elements in 16:9 high definition format.  When I burn a DVD and show it on a high definition television it looks fine. But when I show the same DVD on a standard 4:3 screen, instead of displaying the entire 16:9 frame on the 4:3 screen (like most films on DVD do), the picture fills in the entire screen...cutting off part of the left and right part of the frame.


      I know that there must be a way to retain the entire 16:9 frame, even when viewing on a standard TV and stopping it from zooming into the image.  I would like to have a product where people can watch my hd video (whether on a standard or high def TV) and look at the entire 16:9 frame.  Any help would be appreciated.