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    batch process


      Hi there, I had a quick look in the forum but I couldn't find an exhaustive response to this. Can I run a batch process to convert more than one word document to a pdf? When I create a new batch process, in the edit sequence I can't see anything like "convert to pfd" or similar. How do I do that if possible at all? I have word 2007 and Adobe acrobat professional 8


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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In the batch sequence use 'Run commands on: Selected Folder' and in the source file options select Microsoft Word.

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            Is there a way to batch process in the background?  i.e. can Adobe Acrobat create the PDF files without having to launch the Word or Excel file for each and every item?  This would be ideal since it does not make my PC completely unusable when the batch process starts.


            Another question is if there are errors from the process due to file issues, can we have it automatically ignore it, log it and then go to the next file?