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    Play a sound upon clicking an area in the header


      I'm working in CS4 and I'd like the page to play a sound upon clicking an area in the header, that area would be a background image in a div tag.


      Right now i've changed the header to a SWF file with the clickable sound but i don't like the results. the quality of the image isn't as good (raged edges) and the page loads slower, it was giving me a white flash between loads, until i changed the background color, I still get the flash it's just not as noticeable, but it's still driving me crazy.


      You can view the page at www.stowefarm.com/test. the clickable area is the cartoon in the middle of the header. this is my first website and I'm trying to learn dreamweaver on own, so any help here will be VERY MUCH appreciated.