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    Multi-Camera Editing

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      Primiere Pro CS4 Creative Suite


      Hi, Thanx in advance for your help.




      We did a multi-camera shoot of a band.  We ran through the set twice with 4 cameras, thats a total of 8 tracks.  The 2nd run through for the stationary camera on the drummer can be dropped to reduce the count to 7.   Hopefully the timing on the first and second set will the same.  It should be close as these guys are tight.


      I'm hoping some seasoned Premiere user can give me some pointers on how to best do a 7 camera Multi-Camera edit.


      I was thinking I would do each 4 camera shoot as a multi-camera edit and then, assuming they synch, take the output from each set and do them as a two "camera" multi-camera edit.


      Is there a better way?


      Of course, if the don't synch...I try not to think about that.