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    cs1 drawings don't open properly in cs4?

    Nick Gammon

      Drawings I made in cs1 won't open properly in cs4? I just get a message which says the program can't read this illustration and then I have only parts of the image. They still work in cs1 normally. The problematic parts of the image had a gaussian blur and transparency, but even when I delete these effects still I can't open them in cs4. Any ideas anybody?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Flatten transparency? These parts of the code have been changed around quite ab it in recent versions, so IMO incompatibilities with older implementations may be unavoidable. I would also look into spot colors. sometimes outdated swatches in combination with transparency cause issues when opened in newer versions that use updated color books....



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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

            That's a very good thought about the spot color libraries they have been updated by at least Pantone.


            Did you try to place the file in a new empty ai document sometimes placing strips the fie of unnecessary codeit seems.


            If that doesn't work try placing or opening in Photoshop saving it as a psd (if the layers survive and placing or opening that in Illustrator.


            Or save it as .ps or rather print it as a .ps file from AI CS2 and opening that in AI CS 4 , you might have to distill it first. The postscript will look right but you will not be happy with the result.