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    How to place a Flash swf file with a movie FLV file embedded in DW


           My hair is getting shorter by the hour or maybe missing.  I have created a SWF file with Flash 8 that has an embedded FLV file that was created from a MP4 file.   The SWF file works perfectly in FLASH including my Flash nav buttons, and the movie with soundtrack and the buttons for control of volume and start stop.  Now I am ready to place it on the web using DW to make the html page.  What happens when I test the page on FireFox or IE is the background loads, the buttons load but do not work properly anymore but worse than that:  The slide show and the control buttons do not even show up. 


           I am also having trouble defining my site locally.  I select new site and tell it where every thing is but no luck. All in the same directory, right now I have a image directory but I have not used them on the page as the only image is a jpg and flv file and they are embedded in the swf file.


           I know this is 2 different programs but the Flash files need to be placed in a HTML file to be uploaded, and I have to text them first.