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    raw UV data from LW

    dsdsdsdsd Level 1

      in LightWave I create UV maps and produce baked-texture jpgs;

      I wish to apply the baked jpgs in director;

      I believe that I need the LW UV data?

      and if so then what do I do with it in director?

      it seems as if the mesh deform has relevent properties;

      any thoughts?

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          DAVID NAJAR Level 1

          Why apply the baked images on Director? You want apply light maps on top your tiled texture for save file size and get a nice shadows?
          Anyway, for some issues with the W3D file compression you´ll never get the same poly counts and vertex positions even exporting the same scene twice from your 3D app!!! This make hard to apply one texture over two or more meshes. If it is what you want to do then you have to do a vertex to vertex comparison between the scene that have just one texture and its uv`s where you baked the global lightning against the scene that have lots of models and meshes and if the distance from one vertex to other is less than a minimal range copy its vetex`s texCoord to a list. Helpfully this pre process is made just want time and on your final application just include the result list as a text member and read it. Then with that list you can apply to the scene with lots of shaders one big texture on top all other and have a nice aligned light map. Ok just in case you are trying that and yes this entire work relay on the meshDeform Modifier. If the only thing you want is the uv raw data load your scene (w3D cast member) and add the meshDeform Modifier to the model/models you want the raw uv`s and per mesh (one mesh per shader, one model could has any number of meshes) get the textureCoordinateList and save this info as a internal o external text member, then you have the raw uv`s you want.

          Have a nice coding!!!