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    Autostarting after certain clips

    jobbe89 Level 1

      Hi, im doing something for a school project.


      what i need to do now, is making a movieclip automaticly start and overlap the rest of the frames, after 4 specific other clips are done with playing (no matter in what order).


      is this possible in AS2 and if yes, how?


      thnx up front

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You could have each of the 4 clips add 1 to a variable and test the value of it each time 1 gets added.  When it equals 4 you can do whatever you intend with the movieclip.  IF there is a possibility that the same of the 4 could play more than once, then you would need to have some sort of status variable for each that you set to indicate it has played and then test all of the four status variables each time one of them finishes.