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    losing my embeded bullet symbol when I do Export Release Build

    SPGAnne Level 1

      I am using a bullet symbol in my Flex project as follows: 1) created a .swf in Flash with the fonts I want to use, including a bullet symbol (unicode 25CF).  I am using a .css to embed my .swf fonts for use in my project.  I am then using the bullet symbol inside a TextArea by assigning a string of text, including my bullet symbol, to the .htmlText property of the TextArea.



      private const BULLET_SYMBOL:String = "\u25CF";

      textArea.htmlText = "<font color='#00ff00'>"+BULLET_SYMBOL+"</font> Hello World."

      All works fine when I build for debug.  My little green bullet appears perfectly.  When I use Export Release Build..., my bullets are no longer there.  What can I do about this?