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    FLV playback in projector problem on Windows 7

    Webshark2000 Level 1

      I recently created a projector file for a client using AS3 with Flash CS4.  In the file there are some videos the user can play.  The videos are FLV files on the CD and the FLV Playback component references them.  The computer I worked on is running Windows 7 64-bit and everything worked fine during the creation.


      I sent the final project to the duplicator and the client recently got them back.  They were claiming that when they ran the .exe on Windows 7 machines (both machines they tried were running 32-bit Win 7), the videos would play back as static unless they placed the mouse over top of the videos, at which time time image would look fine, but moving the mouse off would cause static again.  I had included some of the build-in flash controls on all the videos that show up when you mouse over them.  I used "SkinOverAllNoFullNoCaption.swf".  I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it or not.


      We tried our master disc (a copy of the one we had sent to the duplicator) on our Win7 64-bit computer here and didn't experience the same problem.  For us, they played back fine.  So we had them send us one of the duped copies.  We tried it on our Win7 machines (a 64-bit and 32-bit) and didn't have any problems.  We also tried it on a 64-bit Vista machine as well, without the problem they experienced.


      I guess I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and, if so, what we might be able to do to fix it.